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  1. I mean were to start on this album. The one thing I can say, and I know people here disagree, but the sound of this album still sounds fresh as a daisy. Full stop.
  2. Borderline always make me soft, takes me back in my consciousness to old lovers and failed relationships. It's such a nice song to project those things on
  3. The fact that she didn't do promotion for MDNA was most likely because her private life prevented her from doing it on a big scale. It was most def HER choice. They were probably also aware of the fact that she would, despite this, sell out her shows which was the objective in the first place. Not sure this strategy will support her well enough this time, but I'm pretty sure she will, compared to the MDNA era, do more promotion this time around. Hell, she already started it many months ago via her instagram!
  4. I love this interview, and yeah, she's so relaxed here. It's interesting, because she had a big backlash just a few years prior and you could perhaps believe that she would be more sort of eager and hungry for revenge. But she doesn't give off any of that. <3
  5. The song is so heartfelt. It has the feeling of devastation and hope at the same time
  6. The thing that annoys me the most is that all the men that hate her the most are the most ugly, bloated ones...Piers, Elton etc UUUghh
  7. Music Ray of light Like a prayer Confessions Erotica Like a virgin American life True blue Madonna Bedtime stories Hard Candy MDNA
  8. Definitely Music. Hung up was fun and up-beat and had a great hook, but the sound wasn't pushing anything forward. Music on the other did sound like nothing else with it's sort of hard funk, acid house beat that so totally dominated the song (which in itself was daring) and made it what it is. Plus, the Music video is one the few music videos I can watch over and over and not get tired of!
  9. First I will read this cute article about Madonnas non disturbed support for her friends that eventually died of AIDS. Then I will fuck. http://gaytoday.com/people/041403pe.asp
  10. Do you think Bea Ã…kerlund is styling? She's been speaking VERY positive about M in her instagram lately
  11. Yes. But it's also what makes this forum so great. People here are bitchy but at the same time, in comparison to most other forums, the level of the discussions is way higher (most of the time).
  12. The original is so perfect, therefore every cover of the song just becomes sort of...meh. But nice that she's covering Madonna though.
  13. But the leak of Hung up back in 2005 did the complete opposite. I remember people going completely nuts over that little snippet, people loved it
  14. The clip sure is addictive. It gives kind of the same feeling as when the instrumental Hung up snippet leaked back in 2005.
  15. A new Madonna era kind of fills you with the same anticipation as new dick in your life. Who is this Cicatrix, I feel so sorry for him
  16. I don't like the rebel theme at all. I don't feel the word rebel is something you should proclaim yourself, it's cheesy.
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