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  1. I listened a lot in the beginning, after the release. Now not so much. I thought about it the other day and I have no clear answer as to why. It might be that the sound of parts of this album is sonically quite "messy". I understand that that is what she aimed for, but I'm not so fond of it. Although I really like the fact that she felt inspired and creative on this album. I doesn't really sound like anything else out there. But I think many of the critics were right when they made clear that people will be divided over this album. On the other hand that's what artists do, they follow their path. I think that's where she is right now. I am however, as someone else pointed out, a little disappointed in the marketing of the album. She hasn't been very visible in the media and when she has been she's seemed very nervous and I really don't understand why.
  2. Performance wise. Musically and when it comes to the album it's pretty clear that she's been very invested in this project.
  3. No one is saying she hasn't invested energy or effort into this era, stop playing that card.
  4. I honestly think that she doesn't invest as much time in her career as Madonna as she has done in the past. I'm sure music wise this record has consumed a lot of time for her. But considered all the other stuff that goes into preparing for performances, tours, interviews etc etc I just don't think she invests all of that energy and time anymore. Which is not strange at all considering she has such a large family (I mean 6 children!) these days which must drain you both physically and emotionally. The amount of training that goes into being as fit as she's been and being able to dance and sing as she has that takes the time of a high level athlete. Add to that everything musically, writing, singing, producing. Then just keeping your empire going with her legacy, marketing, the MDNA skin care, investing in other financial products, real estate properties that need care, all of her staff that she bosses etc etc etc.
  5. Yes, she's 60. And that may actually be a large factor. Aging voices do need extra care and training. But she gave birth the last time in 2000. That's 19 years ago and she's been touring and singing the most in her career during those years. Also her voice was gorgeous during the Rebel heart tour. And she was turning 57 back then. Which means also voices older than 55 can perform very well. What do you mean 10+ years? She's def been on many tours the past 10 years but they have been relatively short in time compared to other artists and bands of her caliber. Also it was three years ago she last was on tour.
  6. But what happened to her wonderful voice? It's clear something is not a 100 %. It was def better than Eurovision but in American life you could clearly hear her struggle. Also in the other songs she doesn't let out the notes as much as she used to do. I def do not want to bring negativity but I find it interesting to discuss.
  7. Perhaps this has been said earlier, but her dress, does anyone know which designer?
  8. Looking forward to this. I just hope she doesn’t become to preachy, it puts people off.
  9. Not really. The British magazines, NME, Q, Mojo, Uncut etc. used to be leaders in providing music journalism to Europe. But today cultural media in Europe is more connected to each country. And I don't think (speculating of course) that the younger generations reads that much music reviews to be honest. It used to be the way to discover new music.
  10. Ok, thanks. But it must be an american thing? I live in Sweden and I don't know anyone reading them.
  11. Please tell me more about this Pitchfork outlet. I know they exist, that they review music and that people on this forum have a relationship with Pf that ranges from anger to fear. I have never read Pitchfork, why are they so important? Are they a powerful voice in music journalism? Please educate me.
  12. I love Crave. Lush and melancholic, but in a sort of "Cherish way".
  13. This is SUBLIME. The beat is perfectly thumbing over her narcotic vocals. So sexy. I never want it to end.
  14. Has critics always been this divided regarding her albums? In swedish press the album has mostly not been so well received, but some are praising the album. I find the dichotomy kind of interesting.
  15. I know no links are allowed here, but can someone please just giva a clue as to where to find a place to listen to the songs?
  16. I find the reaction a bit hard. I can def understand that she wanted more out of the article if it was so that Madonna gave her a lot of access to her life, and is disappointed about that. But the article is in no way part of a patriarichal conspiracy as M somehow hints at. It's mostly praise, and a bit of this "woke" thing. I think it somehow shows that Madonna used to be able to control media much more than she does today. Media treats her differently today. I hope not, but I just feel that this might blow back on her. This era has really started messy, I hope she comes back into the saddle.
  17. Preach. We need a revolution of teams!
  18. In swedish media, where I live, they have written almost nothing about her and her new album and new singles (except bad reviews). Up until now when her voice fucked up. They have written about it everyday since ESC. It's just so sad the whole thing.
  19. I think it's hard to compare these. Firstly, when she sang Power of goodbye she was having an ignited career and a truly amazing album behind her. Everybody loved her. Media included. Secondly, when she sang POG social media didn't exist. Only us fans remember this performance. I mean how the ESC performance has spread through almost all big and small media outlets. It's just crazy. Today at work everybody talked about her performance (and it's not a place full of gays). Friends I talked to after the performance talked about it and FB and IG has been full of posts regarding this. I don't want to be a Debbie Downer, and believe me, I'm one of the first persons to defend Madonna, but I think some kind of damage control is needed here. Her reputation as a live artist has been affected by this. Which is not good considering one of her main form of expression as an artist today (as it is for most artists today) is through live performances.
  20. I agree with this. And usually a Madonna performance is stellar. And yesterday it wasn't. There aren't any room for mistakes when you are a mega super star and have 10 min in a show to do two songs for 200 million viewers. The reactions are proof of that. Of course this performance doesn't take away her legacy or her status, it was just a little unfortunate.
  21. Something was clearly wrong when she sang LAP. It's not one of her more her more difficult songs to sing, technically.
  22. You seem angry and agitated. Calm down now. Just calm down. Ev will be alright.
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