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  1. Lola Is Fierce!!!

    Lovely. I bit scary though, if I compare to own youth when there where no cameras filming what was going on in our daily life.
  2. I agree with this, and even though she clearly was closer, on a personal note, to MJ, this doesn't prevent the fact that Diana admired Madonna. Also, the fact that they were different was perhaps the fact that made her want advice from Madonna. MJ, as we all know, didn't handle his celebrity status in a very constructive way. One of the things that I have admired most about Madonna is her ability to do just this. She has never, even though the pressure must have been enormous in periods of her life, lost her balance (looking from the outside that is). She has stood her ground and pursued whatever her goal was in that specific instance. That is true dedication and ambition. But also of course speaks about her character.
  3. I think Diana and Michael shared common life trails in that they sort ended up in a position they had not entirely chosen themselves. Also they shared, from a superficial perspective of course, personality traits. They where both quite shy (unlike the brashness of Madonna) and had a more emotional appearance and seemed to engage in similair issues.
  4. I'm from Sweden and dubbing has never occured here so I find the whole concept interesting and funny, I can imagine it's a culture in itself :)
  5. HAHA..they really nailed her voice and expression
  6. The woman by-sitting is hurting the interview. She's very loud in a way and interrupts. But very nice interview otherwise.
  7. I don't see what you see. From what I've read of their four album reviews ev has been mostly praise. But they are reviewers and therefore the chance of critique of some of her work is of course there.
  8. Have read the reviews of Like a prayer and Ray of light and I felt they we're in-depth and very praising of everything from the arrangements, production, vocals and lyrics. Highly praising in my view. This was one of the points that stuck with me: "“Mer Girl,” which closes the album, is a tender psalm about the death of her mom. It ends the album on a remarkably reflective and unresolved note, while also pointing to the reason Madonna has needed to be so many different people across her life to begin with: “I ran and I ran,” she sings. “I’m still running away.”"
  9. Patrick Leonard thread

    His instagram is an example of how I wished Madonna would cultivate her amazing legacy. Not by just posting an "old" picture from time to time (or putting all her focus on her children) but to really treat the world some hidden treasures. It's wonderful that P Leonard does though.
  10. Mercy James Center Opening

    Too bad the Oprah show isn't on anymore. Oprah would've been the perfect catalyst for this mission, if she's interested in reaching out to the public that is.
  11. I think you're absolutely wrong here. In the 94' interview she's mad, but in a controlled way. She feels she's been mocked for so long about her artistry and now she comes on Lettermans show (and gives him a chance to "talk about" her sex life) and gives him that, that he's been mocking. But when she gives it to him straight up he cannot really handle it, of which she is aware. She is clearly the winner here and you should not feel painful.
  12. I feel that the famous 94' interview (and in a way those preceding this one) really shows off their chemistry. All this humour and fun mind games are all testament to their great enticement around each other. The appearances after 94' are just dull and correct in my view. The 2000 one was quite fun but still dull.
  13. Madonna RARE

    This look is one of my favorites of hers. Her signature black outfit which is tight and gorgeous, the strawberry tinted hair color, slightly drawn backwards, her flawless skin and to top it off a pair of fuck you sunglasses.