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  1. This look is one of my favorites of hers. Her signature black outfit which is tight and gorgeous, the strawberry tinted hair color, slightly drawn backwards, her flawless skin and to top it off a pair of fuck you sunglasses.
  2. OMG I love the song, one of her absolutely best, and I love the performance. The song really works stripped down.
  3. This is amazing. I literally came out to this song. This whole era was perfect in every sense.
  4. I like that he brings us a bit of Madonna history. Of course they've made magic together and I'm sure they will work together again before their lives ends. But not sure it will happen in the shorter time span though.
  5. Anna Wintour is one of fashions most conservative people. Honestly, who reads american Vogue today that is interested in fashion? It's basically young women in gowns. But she's been extremely good at cultivating her own and the magazines image as something like Vanity Fair, exclusive, glamour, traditional etc. That said, I understand that Madonna wants to attend the Met ball, it's a hell of a way to get exposure.
  6. Also, he still co-writes beautiful and magical music. One example is the work he's been doing with Leonard Cohen these past years. Especially Cohens last album which was one of his best.
  7. Omg all this nostalgia here in the forum makes me feel old and tired. It pains me. Although I love it at the same time. Oh, the feelings of jouissance.
  8. Confessions is no 1 You're delusional. Confessions is no 1 and fantastic.
  9. Does it say where her clothes in the shoot are from? Love it.
  10. Love it. It's like an 80s porn star meets Olivia Newton John in the end scene of Grease. Perfect.
  11. It's been said over and over again but it can not be said too many times. This era was perfection. There was not one move she did, single wise, style wise that was "meh". Everything was so thought through. Her outfits in every video was amazing. Was A Philips her stylist back then?
  12. I saw that! I must say her black Frozen period is a style high point for her in my view. Of course it correlated with the song being a masterpiece. You're welcome
  13. In Dries van Notens spring/summer 2017 womens show he ended the show with Frozen. The first minute is actually an a capella version of the song (which I've never heard before) which then transitions into the beautiful strings in the song. Very nice. And Dries is a wonderful designer. Around 10:12 into the clip: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_brsD_YkLiQ