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  1. Confessions is no 1 You're delusional. Confessions is no 1 and fantastic.
  2. micco

    Stockholm November 14

    The show was rated average in the swedish newspapers, but, her speech and Like a prayer has been widely praised here. It's interesting, Aftonbladets journalist Kristin Lundell gave her show in Montreal 5 stars and she's been writing articles just recently about how relevant and important Madonna still is. However, when she comes to Stockholm another reviewer, a man, who has given her lukewarm reviews in the past years reviews her show, and is quite critical. The usual, she's cold, distant, a machine etc etc. Well, it's the same everywhere, always the white, heterosexual man that get's the last word.
  3. micco

    NYC Sept. 16

    I work way too much at the moment. And every night when I get home, tired and red-eyed, I watch all of your comments and clips from the show, and it just makes me so happy to see all of the positive energy surrounding this tour and I can go another day of hard work.
  4. Interesting. Also the ramp must weigh more than 25 kilos
  5. Indeed, Swedens music critics have indeed been very harsh on Madonna since post confessions. Not one tour or album after this has been well received. So this is very positive for her in Sweden!
  6. Here's a review in one of Swedens biggest newspaper, Aftonbladet. The review is all praise and give her 5 stars of 5. I think it's the first time since Re-invention tour she receives a 5-star concert review in Sweden: http://www.aftonbladet.se/nojesbladet/musik/recensioner/article21391806.ab
  7. Maybe this has been discussed somewhere but I can not find it, do we know anything about who is the musical director of this tour?
  8. You have all stated basically everything I feel about this tour..the opening, Live to tell, LIB, You thrill me/Erotica and of course that grand closure of the show. My friends, that where there with me, and are not big Madonna fans, still talk about this show as one of the best they've seen, ever.
  9. Love it! But W T F ...why don't they put it on Youtube?? They need to ride on the publicity and trending
  10. Ok, just checking it out now..what's up with this Tidal thing?? Do they not add it to vevo/youtube??
  11. micco

    London O2 Arena

    I don't know how the UK treats her, but in Sweden, where I come from, she hasn't received many good reviews since Confessions. And that counts for both albums and tours. And people here read reviews, so I'm sure that has some effect. Media here loved and adored her until Hard candy.
  12. Say what you want but that is so not true. The video for Music for instance is one of her best.
  13. About the cape all she says is (translated), "We still like each other, which is good" (smiling) The word for "like" in swedish is stronger than in english.
  14. Please, where can I see a good quality version of the FULL performance??