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  1. I think a notice at the beginning of the film is appropriate. An informed viewer will already know the historical context but it's important to formally admit racism. There are still people who do not admit racism or downplay it. Many of them complain about Gone With Wind "getting banned" on these grounds and not because they appreciate the film (most likely they have never seen it and do not care much for it). I personally believe that Gone With Wind can still been shown and appreciated because at its core is a romance set in a real historical period. There are however films that are racist at their core and should probably disappear in an archive. An example I can think of is Blake Edward's The Party.

  2. I loved that she did American Life. For me it's an obvious choice because Madame X clearly shares the same mindset with that album. The EO lyrics possibly express a regret that she didn't insist on that path artistically. The original AL video was even playing at the background.

  3. 8 minutes ago, Urien said:

    If you look at the order of things.

    Discodonna is looking at Gun Violence on TV, ignores it and carries on with her day. 

    Discodonna gets mugged with gun, ignores it and carries on with her day.

    Discodonna dies at the Disco due to Gun Violence.

    If Discodonna did not ignore the problem, if only she woke up. She maybe could've avoided the deaths at the Disco.

    This is why the chronological order of the video has been reversed. It's not enough to know that Gun Violence is happening, it's important to note that bad things happen when good people do nothing at all. Wake up!

    We are all Discodonna, but we need to be more like Madame X. 

    Brilliant. I love the term Discodonna.

  4. Just now, headonfire said:

    One thing I'm curious is why she always drops the videos on Wednesdays? Not complaining, because I can't wait for this video, but she could maximise the views at the start of the charting week and release it on Fridays! 🤷‍♂️

    I guess she must be really at a stage when she doesn't care much about getting a hit song, because if she was, releasing on Fridays would be the logical move, and Interscope would advise her to do just that.

    Probably to maximize views and press coverage (both more potent in the weekdays).

  5. 6 hours ago, Shane said:

    Killers Who Are Partying is an amazing song, and it’s sad to see the pin head logic when it comes to the lyrics.  These are the same people who probably post pics on their social media saying “I am Pulse” and “Je suis Charlie” and have zero problem with it.  The song is a show of solidarity, and the chorus rebukes any argument that she is trying to BE any of those groups.  People’s idiocy in this day and age is astounding.

    Killers Who Are Partying is a great song with great lyrics. Its lyrics fit perfectly with the world music idiom, unpretentious and without embellishments. I feel it's a future classic. 

  6. 10 minutes ago, Carta said:


    Well said!  They both deserve to be successful.  I wonder whose album release date was announced first?  The UK press made a big deal of the fact that RH was Madonna's first studio album in over 20 years not to reach #1, so they'll be equally as vocal (if not more so) about this one.  The vitriol aimed at Madonna is sickening and grossly unfair.  Interscope/Universal don't promote Madonna's work.  Warners would have done more to put her out there and I very much doubt that they would have pitted her against Bruce, especially around Father's Day in the UK.

    Bruce announced his release date after Madonna. Sales for Madame X in the UK look good to me, compared to RH and considering the general decline since 2015. In another week it would have been no 1 but it's not always possible to select the optimal week. Last week there were Jonas Brothers in the US, next week something else.

  7. 20 minutes ago, material_boy said:

    Bruce's whole fanbase fits into a single demographic (white, male, Baby Boomers), and that sort of demographic homogeny has been true since he first hit the big time. It's easy to hold a fanbase like that together over the years and get them to keep buying whatever shit you turn out. (See also: U2, the Rolling Stones, and many other big rock acts.) M doesn't have a fanbase like that. It's more like she has a coalition of fans who've come to her at different stages of her career, and come to expect different things from her as a result. The 80s post-disco pop princess with the punk attitude, the living legend blond bombshell pop queen, the house queen with the fuck-authority and fuck-your-expectations S&M dominatrix look and attitude, the R&B crooner, the techno spiritualist mother of the year, etc. etc. Different eras of her career have appealed to appealed to different genders, races, and generations. It's really difficult to sustain that over time, and part of what makes her sustained megastardom so remarkable.

    I think it's wrong to draw conclusions only from the UK chart. I expect that worldwide Madonna will comfortably outsell Bruce. It just happened that Bruce's album is very close to what UK is into nowadays, mellow, soft rock and easy listening. If he released a proper rock album he wouldn't do as good.

  8. 5 hours ago, Shane said:

    I honestly feel bad for the people buying a physical copy at any store other than Target and not having a clue that they are missing two gems.  The blonde cover is obviously the true album that represents Madonna’s vision, as it is the only one available on Spotify (at least in USA).  Also it was the version serviced to reviewers.


    Yes, but the standard vinyl has 15 tracks and the stitched mouth cover. I totally agree about Extreme Occident and Looking For Mercy being essential for Madame X.

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