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  1. I think a notice at the beginning of the film is appropriate. An informed viewer will already know the historical context but it's important to formally admit racism. There are still people who do not admit racism or downplay it. Many of them complain about Gone With Wind "getting banned" on these grounds and not because they appreciate the film (most likely they have never seen it and do not care much for it). I personally believe that Gone With Wind can still been shown and appreciated because at its core is a romance set in a real historical period. There are however films that are racist at their core and should probably disappear in an archive. An example I can think of is Blake Edward's The Party.
  2. I'm really surprised by this, I too thought she was intelligent and progressive. And it seems this isn't a faux-pas or miscalculation, she's deliberately anti-trans.
  3. Radio would not have played God Control. It's a statement song, not a potential hit single.
  4. Madame X is #67 in Mojo's year end list. https://www.albumoftheyear.org/list/1270-mojos-75-best-albums-of-2019/
  5. I love I Rise and I'm very satisfied with the remixes. I wish there was a proper video for it.
  6. I'm in love with the Rising Sun Remix. Such a carefree summer vibe. It also uses the spoken part from the video and now I'm missing it from the album version. There is no other vocalist in history who delivers spoken parts as good as Madonna.
  7. I love that Madame X is still in the front page of metacritic, for a third week. The excellent user reviews are also very uplifting.
  8. I loved that she did American Life. For me it's an obvious choice because Madame X clearly shares the same mindset with that album. The EO lyrics possibly express a regret that she didn't insist on that path artistically. The original AL video was even playing at the background.
  9. Album falls to 14 on its second week. On the sales chart it's at number 9.
  10. I love her so much. The emotion she conveys on the close up typewriter scenes leaves me speechless. Nobody else could it.
  11. A very powerful statement. Not a glamorous, feel good about your self video. She is the one and only.
  12. Probably to maximize views and press coverage (both more potent in the weekdays).
  13. Killers Who Are Partying is a great song with great lyrics. Its lyrics fit perfectly with the world music idiom, unpretentious and without embellishments. I feel it's a future classic.
  14. Bruce announced his release date after Madonna. Sales for Madame X in the UK look good to me, compared to RH and considering the general decline since 2015. In another week it would have been no 1 but it's not always possible to select the optimal week. Last week there were Jonas Brothers in the US, next week something else.
  15. Pitchfork will probably enjoy all this attention. Better to ignore it. It is not that important anyway. I am much more annoyed with the Rolling Stone review.
  16. I think it's wrong to draw conclusions only from the UK chart. I expect that worldwide Madonna will comfortably outsell Bruce. It just happened that Bruce's album is very close to what UK is into nowadays, mellow, soft rock and easy listening. If he released a proper rock album he wouldn't do as good.
  17. Wow, if the US predictions hold, Bruce will sell more in the UK than in the US. Personally, I am happy with the no 2 and the 20K sales, it was clear that her chances in the UK were slim and I was prepared for the worst. I hope she gets the no 1 in the US and worldwide.
  18. So, Bruce Springsteen's album has a universal acclaim score of 83 but only a 6.2 user score. His fans are not thrilled with the album and are not swayed by the reviews. Madonna's fans are totally thrilled, excited and in love with Madame X.
  19. So far the track I have played the most from the album. For me Starrah and Mike Dean are in the top tier of Madonna's collaborators.
  20. No deluxe or special editions. CD, vinyl and a limited edition vinyl. I also believe that Madame X's sales from the Madonna store will be significant.
  21. I love the tracks they did together. They don't sound like writing camp songs at all, they sound like Madonna classics.
  22. Yes, but the standard vinyl has 15 tracks and the stitched mouth cover. I totally agree about Extreme Occident and Looking For Mercy being essential for Madame X.
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