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  1. Please some respect for Phil Collins. He has written many classic songs. Original and stand out songs with a unique sound, not formulaic and derivative that make you wonder where you have heard them before. The irony is that even at his heyday Phil Collins was considered "uncool", a musician for older and unfashionable people, whereas now bland Ed Sheeran is considered cool by many young people and even by the press. For me this shows that sadly music has lost some of its appeal.
  2. Justin Timberlake thread

    Too many songs crammed in 13 minutes ruined it for me. This just isn't entertaining. I thought that the half time show was supposed to be a kind of a mini concert. Not the fast forward trailer of a concert.
  3. Rihanna - "ANTI."

    Yes. Her recent looks prove that she will maintain her sex appeal as she grows older. Not at all a given for stars who start so young.
  4. Taylor did fine with her fanbase, her first week numbers were huge. Her problem is that radio doesn't play her and she's not connecting with the general public. And I doubt that these people care about her image. They just want an infectious single. The new sound could totally work if she had delivered a true smash. Nobody is so strong to keep smashing with mediocre songs, no matter the label and media support. Not even Taylor Swift. And another thing that could have played a role is staying away from streaming during the album launch.
  5. These songs sound like leftovers from 1989. Pop music has moved on, she wouldn't have success today with songs like Shake It Off and Blank Space, let alone with inferior versions of them. Adapting your sound is the right thing to do for a pop star, but it still backfires more often than it succeeds. This underperformance is not at all surprising.

    Fan fact, last month U2 released a new album. In the UK it debuted at n. 5 with sales of about 40.000.
  7. Rebel Heart Tour on UK TV

    Great news. It is an amazing show an the viewers will love it.
  8. I have heard the same thing. A friend told me that she used to like her a lot but the new look turned her off. Very intelligent with great taste in music but still the hair is an issue. Go figure. And although it can't be proven I'm certain that if Taylor Swift came back with CTTR it would have been number 1 longer than Despacito.
  9. Poor Lorde is miserable

    Calling her album a "flop" is a bit of a reach. It got great reviews and it's nominated for a Grammy album of the year. I think she is a very talented songwriter but seriously lacking as a vocalist and as a performer. There are many great singer songwriters with an average voice but they compensate with charisma and a unique delivery. I find that Lorde just doesn't have that something extra to get to the next level.
  10. These numbers are just not comparable. Album tracks and non-singles were not eligible for the Hot 100 like there are now. Into the Groove, Beautiful Stranger, American Pie are just the tip of the iceberg. Same situation for Elvis and the Beatles. Billboard should always mention this fact or just stop with these lists.
  11. It is really weird why all the songs released so far are so underwhelming and uneventful. My theory is that her success depended too much on Max Martin and his collaborators. After all, it wasn't just 1989, Red was pretty successful too. But now the Max Martin type of pop is on the way out and she can't keep up with the times. Katy Perry was in a similar situation but at least she delivered a very good album, which I think will be appreciated more over time.
  12. Selena Gomez thread

    I used to dismiss her too but I have recently started to like her. Her new single is one of the best pop songs of the year. I have a feeling her upcoming album will elevate her status in a similar way with what Purpose did for Bieber.
  13. I love it. It is my most played track from the album so far.
  14. Rebel Heart Tour DVD/Blu-ray

    I've been listening to the (double) CD non stop since Friday. I think it's her best live album. It captures the live show atmosphere and contrary to MDNAT it works as an audio only experience.

    It counts.