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  1. DreamTheater

    Michael Jackson: Paedophile

    I love MJ's music but I cannot separate it from his person. Since the details of the documentary have been released I found it difficult to enjoy his songs. He is not a writer or a director, who are not so visible in their work. He is a pop performer and for pop artists their perceived persona is essential. Not to mention the fact that he used the success of his music to lure kids. Sorry, but to me it doesn't sound the same anymore...
  2. DreamTheater

    Michael Jackson: Paedophile

    And not just creepy, it's also harmful for the health and development of the children. From someone who supposedly cares for them it's very contradicting and suspicious.
  3. DreamTheater

    Michael Jackson: Paedophile

    I wouldn't say that he was given a pass. His reputation never fully recovered even the first allegation in 1993. Over time it got even worse. After his death he was celebrated again, but mainly for his early days, with Jackson 5 and solo up to Thriller. People love the part of his career that they feel is not tainted. They do not excuse him and outside his fan base very few believe that he did nothing wrong.
  4. DreamTheater


    Just released, original studio version of Nothing Compares 2 U.
  5. I don't see this as something new. Nobody was ever an "automatic add" year after year. Madonna did it because she kept evolving and she kept delivering great songs. Her era of automatic adds was probably over at the start of the 90s. Apart from Katy's CTTR, which was successful, no song released by the mentioned artists was so irresistible that radio had to play. The difference today in my opinion is not streaming but the great fall of sales. At the past established artists relied on sales. They had loyal fans who supported all their releases. Even casual fans, people who used to buy only a few albums a year, they would usually trust well known acts over new comers. All this is gone now because sales are practically non existent.
  6. DreamTheater

    Justin Timberlake thread

    Too many songs crammed in 13 minutes ruined it for me. This just isn't entertaining. I thought that the half time show was supposed to be a kind of a mini concert. Not the fast forward trailer of a concert.
  7. DreamTheater

    Dolores O'Riordan has died at 46

    Oh no, so sad and unexpected. Last year they cancelled a lot of tour dates and the reason given was that Dolores has problems with her back. But they did some shows and the fans loved them, it was an acoustic greatest hits tour.
  8. DreamTheater

    The XX, new album out, I see you

    Gorgeous new video for I Dare You. Paris Jackson is in it!!!
  9. DreamTheater

    The Killers!

    I'm a big fan of them too. I'm very happy they have a new album, for a while I was afraid that they'd split.
  10. DreamTheater

    Harry Styles , sign of the times

    I was also ready to dismiss it but I love it. Haven't heard a pop ballad with such a sense of epicness in years.
  11. DreamTheater

    London Grammar

    I'm in love with their new song Big Picture. It took some time to sink in but now I can't stop playing it. There are some good remixes too, if the original is too laid back for your tastes.
  12. Very interesting and I think it describes very well what's wrong with music videos today. Just in your face visuals that ignore the flow of the song and without any aesthetic value. It seems that the art has been lost. However two remarks: - The reason that there is no David Fincher collection is that Madonna's videos are probably expensive to license and sell very well on their own. - The Justin Timberlake video he did recently may be very well directed and edited but I find it very boring and impossible to watch multiple times. There is more to a good music video than what he describes.
  13. DreamTheater

    The XX, new album out, I see you

    I love this album and I am glad they switched it up a bit. My stand out tracks for now are Say Something Loving and Replica.
  14. DreamTheater

    Kanye West

    After what he said about Trump l suspected that something was off (more than the usual). I too hope he recovers.