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  1. I got 5/6. I missed Katy Perry. But honestly I don't think there's much difference between 320kbps and uncompressed, especially for pop music.
  2. I will not be in Greece on Sunday, so I'm not going to vote, but I would have voted yes. I hope that yes wins comfortably and I'm completely disappointed and disillusioned by the government. The referendum is just a ploy to save face, the question is ridiculous and makes no sense. Don't try to discern their motives, it's not possible for sane people to understand them.
  3. No, very recently Hung Up surpassed GMAYL. It's on the Warner Bros. Channel.
  4. I'm happy that it is released now because it has a summer vibe. I know that I will be enjoying this song all summer and I hope that the general public will do as well. It's their loss if they don't.
  5. I loved Avicii even before the collaboration with Madonna was announced and I appreciate his other work too. But it's true that RH demo is more Avicii than Madonna. It would be a great remix or a featuring on Avicii's album. I actually hope that this will happen, from all the DJs that release albums with vocal collaborations it's Avicii that I would want to do a track with Madonna. In the album context I prefer the final version, it's more Madonna, has more focus on the lyrics and suits the album sound better.
  6. I love the Paul Andrews Reconstruction Mix. Tidal doesn't cut it, I want to play it with my iPod and in the car. The remixer has a website where he talks about it. There is also a remix for Living For Love at his soundcloud. http://paulandrews.org/portfolio/ghosttown-a-paul-andrews-reconstruction-madonna/
  7. Pity that the Tidal remixes aren't available elsewhere. They are both very good and highlight her amazing vocals even more than the album version. Especially A Paul Andrews Reconstruction Mix that has a very sparse orchestration at times and it's all about her voice. Amazing vocals, play it to people who say that she's not a good singer.
  8. I will buy it the moment it's released, even though I don't like all the remixes. I don't understand why it's taking so long.
  9. I agree, I prefer the album version with the more traditional song structure and a stronger message. In the demo the climax of the song doesn't feature Madonna's vocals. I like it as a remix of the proper version.
  10. The video is going to be epic. I expect something funny and provocative. Do you think it's likely that they include references to some of her iconic looks? There is a lot they can do with this song.
  11. I love the Armand Van Helden remix, my favourite remix for the era so far.
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