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  1. Another leak?!? At this point there is no need to wait for March. Just release the album next monday. The damage is done.
  2. i haven't. not even RH and WAOM. and I am considering move away from the forums until the release of the album. i'm really disappointed with this.
  3. I think this will delay the release of the album. Two or three months. I also think that these demos are old and some of these songs were changed in the last month with the entry of new producers. Perhaps a more urban sound, alternative, hip hop. One of two things ... put these songs in the trash or give them new "garment"
  4. tell me the name of an artist who has been through this? the leak of 12 songs (demos) of an album that does not even have a release date.
  5. Not in terms songs leak of an album that has not even been released. The only exception was GMAYL. The surprise effect was destroyed by this. We know the lyrics, melody, etc. No true fan can defend this. This is the worst thing that can happen to any artist. Madonna or any other.
  6. twelve songs, demo or not, are already known. lyrics, melody, etc. what's the point of releasing these songs after this?
  7. I have no doubt that they're going to take this very seriously. The person who leaked these songs and all those photos, is in trouble.
  8. It is strange to see some fans to rejoice when the primary issue is another: this should not have happened. A year of work thrown away.
  9. I can not imagine worst thing for an artist. A year of work lying in the trash. She does not deserve this. She devoted a year in the creation of this album and now this happens. It's bad. It is inevitable that something happens after all this, as the cancellation of the album, discard these songs. All very sad.
  10. GONE, the first single is gonna be release like a "surprise"? A beyonce thing.
  11. So beautiful!!! I love this song!! I feel a connection with the lyrics!
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