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  1. What self-respecting man would want to put their dick into his dingleberry forest?
  2. Id kick her in the cunt, but I wouldn't want to lose a good boot.
  3. Eh. Disconnected. It's kind of like watching the periphery of my own life from the margins. How about you?
  4. As such, the entirety of the contents will be moved over to a read-only archive towards the bottom of the forum listing. If there's any threads that you want moved over to the General section for continued discussion, you have a month to speak up.
  5. Madame X is a career highlight. This is not negotiable.
  6. "It is impossible to remodel the house when an arsonist is burning it down."
  7. Crazy Come Alive Medellin Killers Who Are Partying Extreme Occident Future God Control Crave Ciao Bella I Rise Batuka Looking For Mercy I Dont Search I Find Bitch I'm Loca Dark Ballet Back That Up to the Beat Fax Gostoso Funana
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