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  1. svperstar

    Michael Jackson: Paedophile (continued)

    Jesus, Barbra, how hard is it to just SHUT THE FUCK UP? Now Im depressed. Ill be in the corner eating away the pain.
  2. svperstar

    Michael Jackson: Paedophile (continued)

    Corey Feldman just came out and said he can no longer defend Michael. I was wondering if he would say something in light of this, especially knowing that he too was a victim of sex abuse.
  3. svperstar

    Michael Jackson: Paedophile (continued)

    I have got to see this. Pronto. I guess i need to get HBO.
  4. svperstar

    Michael Jackson: Paedophile

    There are still people rationalizing Michael Jackson's disgusting behavior? Jesus. Y'all need to take off your blinders. Yes, he was an amazing artist. But he was also a FUCKED UP HUMAN BEING WHO WAS TOTALLY INAPPROPRIATE TO KIDS.
  5. svperstar

    Trump / US politics thread 🚽

    Piece. of. Shit.
  6. svperstar

    Marilyn Manson thread

    Two tidbits. 1) Why wasn't THIS gem included on Heaven Upside Down? :D Second, a THIRD video came out last night!
  7. svperstar

    Marilyn Manson thread

    With Twiggy gone (again), that officially leaves Manson himself as the sole original left from when the band started in '89.
  8. svperstar

    Marilyn Manson thread

    Time for a bump. Im very happy with the new album now. I would put Blood Honey and Saturnalia up there with some of the best.
  9. svperstar

    Marilyn Manson thread

    What's your favorite track on the new record? I think it's good as well, just not as consistent as "The Pale Emperor." "Saturnalia," however, ranks up there with some of his best. I got quickly addicted to that.
  10. svperstar

    Marilyn Manson thread

    Actually, I think it's time for a good ol' fashioned album ranking. (Studio albums only) 1. Holy Wood 2. Mechanical Animals 3. Antichrist Superstar 4. The Pale Emperor 5. The Golden Age of Grotesque 6. The High End of Low 7. Heaven Upside Down 8. Eat Me, Drink Me 9. Portrait of an American Family 10. Born Villain
  11. svperstar

    Marilyn Manson thread

    Some interesting choices, though I have to say the two they chose from "The High End of low" are my least favorite. "Four Rusted Horses" and "I Want to Kill You Like They Do in the Movies" are BY FAR the best things on that record. In fact, THEOL I think is very underrated in general. Though it certainly followed the emo "breakup" trajectory of "Eat Me Drink Me," the songs are generally superior. Love "Running to the Edge of the World," "Leave a Scar," "Blank and White," "Into the Fire" and "We're from America" as well. All VERY solid tracks. And that certainly more than makes up for the dismal first single that should NEVER have seen the light of day. To be honest my least favorite of his records is "Born Villain." It starts off great but then NOSEDIVES after track 8. Everything that comes after is virtually unlistenable. And that was shocking to hear at the time, honestly, because even his lesser album tracks on previous records could be stomached. But I literally shut that damn thing off after "Chidren of Cain."
  12. svperstar

    Marilyn Manson thread

    I have been into Manson since '96. Hence my username, spelled with a "v" instead of a "u." I do enjoy the new record but it took a few listens to digest. I think The Pale Emperor is still his best since Holy Wood. Though I'm not one of those who subscribe to the belief that all the ones in between are inferior, either. I love something on just about every record he's done.
  13. svperstar

    Marilyn Manson thread

    He has now released two videos in a span of two weeks. And is talking about the record everywhere. EVERYWHERE. I feel like he's actually ENJOYING doing this again. Something he hasn't been in a while.
  14. svperstar

    Marilyn Manson thread

    The new video for "Say10" really brings him back to the fold of classic Manson. Even the contact is back!