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  1. "It is impossible to remodel the house when an arsonist is burning it down."
  2. Milo is the Riverwide of conservative politics.
  3. She seems like a nice girl, if totally uninterested in being first lady. I imagine years down the road she'll get standing ovations after she writes her tell-all following the divorce.
  4. RE: in regards to this whole Milo bullshit: A strategy demagogues have used for over a century is to foment unrest and violence, and then blame people who have criticized them for creating the unrest – and use their alleged complicity as a means of reducing their autonomy and building up the demagogue’s power. Trump did it today, blaming the University of California at Berkeley for denying Milo Yiannopoulos (of Breitbart News) the right to free speech – when in fact the University opened its biggest and most accessible auditorium to that hatemonger. And there’s growing evidence that the agitators who caused police to cancel the speech may have been connected to right-wing groups -- such as those spawned by Yiannopoulos himself – that intended to create an incident that would give Trump and his surrogates a justification to blame the University, the media, the left, and their other targets. So Trump threatens to withhold federal funds from Berkeley (as if he had the despotic power to do this). Trump “counselor” Kellyanne Conway blames “the media” – her favorite target. “What’s going on out there is what’s going on all across the country,” Conway, said. The protesters “have got media cameras following them; they give interviews.” And Yiannopoulos blames his target -- “the Left.” “One thing I do know for sure: The Left is absolutely terrified of free speech and will do literally anything to shut it down,” he wrote. It’s all right out of the despot’s playbook. Know your history.
  5. Meanwhile, in the real world: But by all means, let's wage a war about how "political correctness" is the reason EVERYTHING bad is happening in the world, and as a result we must OVERCOMPENSATE by being purposely outgoing on any inflammatory and provocative thing we can say. Because we all know how THAT turns out....
  6. Oh i'm sorry, did you write the rules of MadonnaNation? My mistake. Allow me to go get a red pen and apply some edits. You're the one who STARTED this "censhorship crap" honey. The fact of the matter is posters like you are always harping about their "rights" being infringed when they are on the WRONG side of the moderator criteria. I don't give a shit about your politics. What I DO give a shit about is one's inability to KNOW THEIR AUDIENCE. A lot of people are upset and angry and concerned right now, so if that means cutting out a few posts by those who purposely TROLL to rub salt in unnecessary wounds and perhaps KEEP a few people from leaving the board altogether (of which some already have over this), then OH WELL.
  7. Last I checked, a message board is not a democracy. Spare me this bullshit "censorship" malarky that is always touted by the ones whose trolling gets curbed by the moderators. Trolling is trolling.
  8. Reason numero UNO that Milo will NEVER be defendable to a self-respecting gay man: http://www.breitbart.com/milo/2016/10/24/full-text-trannies-gay-milo/ FUCK you, Milo.
  9. Good. Now shut up and take what I have to say like it's a 12-inch dick.
  10. Who said I was being nasty, my dear? Just calling it out like I see it. But I thought you said "difference of opinion is fine." I honestly think the world of you, even though we vehemently disagree on just about everything on this subject. But if it's really at a point where you feel I'm being nasty towards you, I'll gladly bow out.
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