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  2. This is inherent to human being. This situation is a carbon copy to those sects that announce the Rapture on a specific date. Those sects where people suicide together. We are surprised about this because for years we didn't see this in politics. There's a psychological aspect to all this, with people either feeling they are the chosen one or people thinking they know the truth because they are cleverer. Deep down it shows an absolute void and lack of self steem.
  3. True. There is no proper filter or demand for truth in a lot of online journalism. Investigative skilled journalists are to be admired and listened to as they seek the truth. Now too many online garbage articles are readily believed as so cheap to produce
  4. The most American lives ever lost in a war was in the civil war. All for the disgusting cause of the rights of rich land owners to have slaves. Civil wars are usually more damaging than world wars and so senseless. Takes so long to heal too and tears a country apart from within.
  5. I think to this day we're still not having the proper debate about the place social media and the internet should play in journalism, and the responsability of these multinationals/providers/online outlets. People need to go beyond the 'ooh google is invading my privacy', well google (i don't mean google, but you get my point) is also contaminating the truth and it is very easy to go down that path of intellectual isiolation and choose bullshit. My best friend is not a conspiracy theory but an independant 'performance artist' and she is just so pissed off about the Covid m
  6. I loved your Mum. She loved the Rebel heart concert so much Those trash magazines are awful. They never get better either. I read them at the hairdressers and at work and wonder how they get away with so much lies and bitchy bias. They are obsessed now with hating Meghan Markle and keep contradicting everything they say about her from week to week !
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  8. Thank god I don't know any, but there are a few not so close 'friends' on FB I suspect are right wing enough for me to want to flush. Secret bigots...the ones that share shit like All Lives Matter Insecure fuckwits. I suspect if my mum was still alive, she'd possibly be caught up in the propaganda. She would always call me about stories in trash magazines about Madonna...and I'd tell her it wasn't true, and she couldn't reconcile that if it was published how it couldn't be true.
  9. I know ! Also, know someone who has changed from a happy fun woman into a right wing militant Trump supporter/climate change denier who now does not even speak to her own family. Her parents are devastated. Thinks Harvey Weinstein is a victim and that Australians should all be able to own guns. So much more. Everyone is shocked The extremism is what I find really frightening. How on Earth can that happen ?
  10. What's the obsession with paedophilia though At least make your conspiracy slightly plausible. Dumb fucks.
  11. Most Presidents of many nations have that power, fyi... and it is mostly from recommendations from Bureau of Prisons or something...
  12. Yes, they are so unbelievably stupid. San, you would not believe the absolute crap some of my ex colleagues ( conspiracy theorists) have sent me. They also think virtually everyone who is famous is a peadophile EXCEPT the stars that the media has actually exposed being child molesters because according to them the press are peadophiles themselves and set up innocent people to hide the rest. While they have no qualms excusing Trump for hanging out with Epstein etc as they are set up according to them. It is exhausting and so bloody stupid.
  13. It'll be increasingly worrisome as speech, video, and image manipulation continue to flourish and expand in ubiquity. Totally agree, @San, about how much of it could be avoided if people weren't so willfully ignorant. So many just choose to be obtuse.
  14. The problem is that they want to believe and don't even bother investigating to see how credible what they are reading/hearing is. Case in point, elsewhere, someone posted this image stating "WTF!?". I knew there must be more to it, so did a quick, 5-min search, and confirmed that not only was it BS, but that the original photo was first shared online in 2019, meaning that it was released before the Hunter Biden laptop story even broke It is truly mind blowing...and I completely agree with @pithy when he said, "I guess part of the appeal is it projects meaning into their lives,
  15. Isn't it something how experience, expertise, and knowledge are to be looked down upon? While they'll venerate quacks with no qualifications that might license them to pontificate away on subjects about which they know nothing. It feels like a brew of a few things, but insecurity's got to be a major element - not understanding the ins and outs of something breeds suspicion, I guess, and along comes someone who'll speak with enough conviction and authority to make total poppycock believable. But another one rescued thanks to your friend. That is a promising sign.
  16. Pithy, I know a few hard core conspiracy theorists and it is staggering and sad to see. Another colleague of mine was telling me that he had to really work hard with his brother who had began sprouting crazy conspiracy theories. He asked his brother for his proof of these theories and he sent him videos of people who had no credibility but were speaking like experts in medicine and science. He managed to get through to his brother that they were frauds who had criminal convictions for taking money for fake cures ( he discovered that when he looked them up himself ) Also one woman was an Ame
  17. Oh, I'm glad your friend was able to walk away from the precipice! It can take constant attention to stay on a path of common sense; people who are otherwise decent aren't impervious to being impressionable. A friend of a friend is pretty far gone and the challenge has been not to condescend, but it's scary how quickly the echo chambers they enter stop these people from thinking rationally or employing their mental faculties at all. I guess part of the appeal is it projects meaning into their lives, giving them what feel like causes.
  18. Yes, so many go down the rabbit hole so completely, they are lost down there looking for carrots. I spoke to a friend who was briefly going down that path because of others she was hanging around with and she said she looks back now and shudders at how she was bombarded with false information and demands by them. Now is embarrassed she flirted with those ideas. Luckily she moved away from them and got her senses back. It is frightening to talk to people and realise that they truly believe crazy stuff that is like a twisted twilight zone alternative reality.
  19. https://m.facebook.com/story.php?story_fbid=10157805958257377&id=85452072376 I prefer Newsmax... Those Evil Dems... Hypocrites, now asking for unity when they themselves didn't give Trump a chance since November 2016 til the very end.
  20. They deserve their distress, but a lot of them will just change the goalposts. Dying on some pointless hill is easier than reconstructing belief systems and owning up to being wrong.
  21. So many Mentally ill and paranoid people have been led a merry dance by these dangerous groups. I think in the future, becoming “ addicted “ to believing outrageous conspiracy theories will be both listed as a mental illness and a form of addiction. I am not defending them but they are clearly unhinged.
  22. thoughts and prayers QAnon in crisis after Biden’s inauguration failed to bring ‘storm’ By Lee Brown January 21, 2021 They’re rebels without a Qause. The QAnon movement was thrown into crisis this week when President Biden peacefully entered the White House — rather than be crushed by a long-promised “storm” and “great awakening.” “It’s obvious now we’ve been had. No plan, no Q, nothing,” one now-deflated follower wrote after the inauguration in a QAnon channel on Telegram with 18,400 members. The crackpot QAnon conspiracy theory has long assumed that Presid
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  24. Meanwhile, today's headlines on Fox News The relentless brainwashing begins.
  25. For Bernie, to justify my love... my love... my love...
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