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  2. She's NUTS!!!!!! Why spend all that money on surge when you're out of shape? That's like hanging a Birkin bag in your 1 bedroom apartment closet. Prioritize, Jessica!
  3. Jessica said she's looking for LOVE! : And she's not tranny anymore! She's a real woman!
  4. wonder what Q's explanation for another Trump disaster would be? That the "deep state" prevented his second inauguration???
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  6. Think I commented about your tranny chasers comment. I said something about these type of guys being interesting lol
  7. TOP PRICE Jessica Alves reveals men have offered her £15k to take her virginity after sex reassignment op Shannon Power | 4 Mar 2021 JESSICA Alves says men are lining up to take her 'virginity' after undergoing gender affirming surgery. The 37-year-old, recently underwent the surgery in Thailand and has been proudly showing off the results. She recently shared a nude snap on her Instagram stories with emojis covering her modesty. The stunning blonde pouted seductively in the mirror selfie as she held her long hair. Now that the star has completed her series of gender
  8. You would think that being on the verge of death would humble someone and encourage them to change their ways, but Trump seems to be nastier than ever.
  9. Nick hun you seem to have quoted me but deleted it before I got a chance to see. What did you say? Tell me. I'm a big girl I can handle it. @Nick
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  11. Sick isn't it? When you have that much money and power you can literally get away with anything.
  12. He MURDERED someone, attempted to murder someone else, and will get away with it. People get years in prison for doing WAY less.
  13. PFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFF He'll send them presents, money and weapons.
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