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  2. Now it's 100K dead AND a fucked economy. Of course the original intention was to use the virus to gain economic advantage over other suffering nations because Superman Britain wouldn't be affected by it...or something.
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  4. I am very glad that this comparison is being made. Because now maybe people in USA can imagine how would it feel to be bombed, to have your country destroyed and your whole culture maligned simply because a part of the population of your country is radically ignorant and have the power. While a significant other part of the population is against those ideas..
  5. Just the fact that they went at first for the herd immunity and accepted 400.000 deaths as result was absolutely despicable. They and the Swedish government. One of the most horrible moments of recent history. To accept as normal thousands and thousands of deaths to protect the economy... Unforgivable. They should go on trial.
  6. Back to Jessica! I think she's serving M's You'll See music video realness All by myself... I don't need anyone at all... I know I'll survive.... I know I'll stay alive
  7. Covered his entire body ith tattoos Tongue split Nose removed This person does not deserve to live.
  8. https://nypost.com/2021/01/26/man-turns-himself-into-black-alien-by-removing-nose-top-lip/ O. M. G.
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  10. Can they even fit a swab up those nostrils? The whole structure might collapse on itself...
  11. These people are the American Taliban. And fortunately for us they’re incredibly stupid & willfully ignorant. Let’s hope lawmakers uphold the law instead of ignoring it. If the people who stormed The Capitol building were darker, there’d have been a whole ‘nuther outcome. The way rethuglicans & trumpublicans are acting with their “unity” BS is funny when you think of the energy they put into Benghazi & Clinton’s BJ. Rand Paul doesn’t even want to have an impeachment trial in the Senate, along with 45 other Senators
  12. Typical elite conservative mind: poor people can't be trusted. This idea is the basis for xenophobia, for example.
  13. Today MSNBC: Senate rejects Sen. Paul's motion to declare fmr. Pres. Trump's impeachment trial unconstitutional, in 55-45 vote. The 5 Republicans senators who voted with Democrats to proceed with the trial were Sens. Collins, Murkowski, Romney, Sasse, and Toomey, @GarrettHaake reports.
  14. Yes! Let's take a working example - the school meals we were talking about a few days ago. The UK govt farms out a contract to one of its political donors. Of an allocated £30 per household, the contractor provides £6 worth of shit inadequate food and pockets £24 every 2 weeks. Grateful contractor continues to donate to the Tories. Scotland simply deposits £25 every 2 weeks into the parent's bank account to buy/choose their own food for kids lunches. Commentators in England scream that the money could be used for drugs and prostitutes and alcohol, we say we trust parents to buy their
  15. wow @Kim what an interesting read. I understand clearly that situation of "incorporation". What I didn't grasp until I read the article is that it's not a question of going back to romantic ideas of cultural past but a better way to rule a society. It's incredibly interesting.
  16. Interesting! If you have the time, have a read of this (slightly dated) piece I nicked from The Washington Post and encapsulates most of my thoughts on this, especially the difference between civic and ethnic nationalism and the last paragraph in particular. Scotland’s post-national nationalism I’ve just spent several days among a pretty diverse array of Scottish nationalists — people who, whether by formal partisan affiliation or simply by political sentiment, believe Scotland should detach itself from the United Kingdom. The question I pestered them with was this: Why does a substa
  17. Oh my, is that you I imagine whispering unspeakable thing in my ear in Welsh? I think it is! First thing Wales needs do is stop voting useless Labour in the Senedd. If Plaid Cymru can get in and show themselves as a decent/competent party of governance, that's the first step to more people seeing indy differently. Worked for the SNP!
  18. Yep, it’s heartening the rest of the country is catching up. I grew up in a really Welsh area, educated in Welsh and my dad still puts his stamps on upside down (and is a big fan of telling everyone there hasn’t been a real Prince of Wales in 700 years). That said, many of them still sadly voted for Brexit, not realising to what extent they were subsidised.
  19. It's weird that some people don't understand that countries where different nations are united are bound to fail if one nation claims to be the ruler by divine grace. In Spain it happens with Castilla, who swallowed the rest of the nations in a pig fest. And those who centuries ago ruled and brought pain and misery are nowadays the same elite. For long I was anti independence. But I know when I've been mistaken (that's one of my few good things ). If the situation is clear, if all is well prepared and there's not smoke and mirrors (as Brexit) I'm all for independence now. Sadly my
  20. They are too busy blaming the French for everything. Or Merkel.
  21. Yeah I think you're right about the numbing aspect Even the 20k odd dead of Covid in January alone gets little more than a *shrug* now. I was reading yesterday about the cheap shit malware infected laptops given to kids for home schooling, and whaddya know, £200 million tender awarded to Tory donor. It bloody stinks. Well, who knew you were a lad!? I've definitely seen more indy sentiment rising in Wales recently. Fuck the union. As well as the polls, just my own anecdotal evidence tells me it's definitely coming up here.
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