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  2. Lana Del Rey

    Got tickets for her new tour today ❤
  3. MDNAT totally blew my mind each time I saw it live. Besides a few mediocre or possibly bad tracks, album still contains some strong songs. The deluxe cover of the album is pretty great too.
  4. She has some very catchy songs! Just not a very interesting personality or creative output. Do have much respect for how she keeps in great shape.
  5. Beyoncé Thread

    Her skin appears lighter!
  6. Spain...destroying themselves from the inside

    with galicia´s fires, people are not thinking about this anymore. in the same way they are not thinking about the corrupt politicians that never go to jail, or suddenly die!!!! how many unespected deaths in the PP? 13????
  7. "By 1992, Madonna was an icon —untouchable, literally and figuratively— and Erotica was the first time the artist’s music took on a decidedly combative, even threatening tone, and most people didn’t want to hear it. Erotica’s irrefutable un-sexiness probably says more about the 'sex=death' mentality of the early ’90s than any other musical document of its time. This is not Madonna at her creative zenith. This is Madonna at her most important, at her most relevant. No one else in the mainstream at that time dared to talk about sex, love, and death with such frankness and fearlessness." - Sal Cinquemani, music critic
  8. "Now turn around and look sexy, Gaga. No, sexy. SEXY. Oh God, just stop."
  9. Madonna Instagram Thread

    Did everyone see the conversation she had with Questlove? lol yes And that isn't her voice in the video (unless she has a bad cold lol)... kind of sounds like Andy's?? I dunno. It's a man's voice.
  10. Madonna Instagram Thread

    Did everyone see the conversation she had with Questlove?
  11. No idea who Sue Gatlin is... And you know the media...they love to make out M hates most people unless she's screwing them!
  12. Dear Steven/Love Dita "I would love to do this book thing with you so let's talk soon..."
  13. Today
  14. The only reason I know this song is from that Club Kids movie with Home Alone Kevin and from a lip sync at RPDR.
  15. I still prefer the original 2 of Hearts (by Sue Gatlin)....and Stacey's big hollowed out eyes always did kind of freak me out. Such large eyes on such a tiny body!!! To think she is only 3 months younger than M. I'd love to find out more about their interactions in the early 80's....don't think they liked each other too much (but that may be just rumors)?
  16. why are her eyes so far away from her lips. like unnaturally far.
  17. Madonna Instagram Thread

    I like she's interested in Leonardo..I read a bio about him too and he was such an innovator and a visionary man with some human weaknesses..Italy used to rule the world..lol
  18. MDNA Skin U.S. Launch (2nd thread)

    Is she selling leather paraphernalia?
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