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  2. If you want to look for lipsync fails from her look no further than her lipping to someone else's vocals when she joined Arabesque in the late 70s
  3. Love Sandra. Even love her recent albums but this is so embarrassing 💖
  4. Lolo says Alles klar? I always hated Sandra and her Schweinenase 🐽🐽🐽🥓🍗🥘 She is even uglier now than she was in the 80s.
  5. Today
  6. Nick Jonas: chasing that pink pound

    Is it suppose to be funny ?
  7. Beyawwwwwwnncé Thread

    Isaac spinning the hilariously passive aggressive comments into something positive is the main reason why I lurk in this thread.
  8. Azealia Banks

    I like her music in general but that Soda video is bad, really bad. Reminded me of Caca's Edge Of Glory, she doesn't know what to do in front of a camera. This is also the director's fault. The editing is awful too, she's a pretty girl, where is her face?
  9. I'd have thrown more than beads at that annoying fat shit.
  10. Jesus, that was awful. and her fans have the nerve to say "Madonna can't sing".
  11. Those are the best!!!!! I love old school TV with these performances. Tbqh, nowadays it's the only place where people perform!
  12. Omg this is the ZDF Fernsehgarten One of the most embarassing TV shows in Germany... This is always the place here where forgotten one-hit-wonders from the 80‘s come to perform (with lip-snycing), while the stiff middle-aged audience tries to clap and „dance“ to it in the most awkward and cringeworthy way possible...
  13. The reductive Trump of Pop

    For fucks sake. Shangela Plays Lady Gaga’s “Drag Mother” In “A Star Is Born” Remake Who was this movie supposed to appeal to anyway? Maybe Kim Kardashian will also have a cameo. That comment tho, Says it all that the 2009 phenomenon will star in the remake of a remake of a remake for her first role on the big screen. It reflects and sums up her "music" career.
  14. True!!!! I was confused about Spellbound. It was the same year! Well after her falling out with Jive's people in USA she was not given good material, it seems. I live the album, though. Messy as it is.
  15. I finished the book yesterday. So sad her final chapter.. Well the book is a mess. Big chunks of her life are not explained, music is not commented as it should... But it's fun with lots of funny stories. I didn't know she Co wrote a song for No Angels with Robbie Williams produced by Orbit! She had to sign with pseudonym: Wilkins. And she mainly wrote all her last album. She's far more talented than it seems but she doesn't feel the need to boast!
  16. Queen Gwen Guthrie

    WORK IT OUT GURL! Ain't NOTHIN' GOIN on but the RENT You got to have a J O B If you want to be WITH me
  17. Queen Gwen Guthrie

    I died
  18. Yes, couldn't they afford the country outfits for the dancers or do they think her fanbase just have to see slutty costumes? Mind you, pushed Mincing back up to #32 in Itunes and Flop me to #71 so ten people were impressed although I saw an article in the mirror saying viewers thought it was terrible and she was screeching. Nice to see the Don't Tell Me choreography though.
  19. Belinda Carlisle

    But sold out everywhere!
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