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  2. I may be naive but I don't expect a big chaos. Economy works without rules when rich people want. So goods will keep going.
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  4. Yep...the more vile he is, the more his cult worships him. Gay issues aside, I will never understand how the Republican party completely sold themselves out for this man. On paper, in a lot of ways, he's the complete and total opposite of their core values. Country over party my ass. And yeah, as horrible as it sounds, I honestly would probably throw a party if that happened....and have a shirt made to commemorate the joyous event. #sorrynotsorry
  5. I know ! Shocking to hear someone say that and stand by it as a reason to doubt climate change entirely. It is disheartening, terrifying and frustrating. People just don't want to even comprehend it. Look too at how many people were whining like spoilt kids when told to stop using plastic bags. They can see the animals in the oceans being killed by plastic and how much is polluting the oceans shown by researchers on the nightly news reports and still some are more concerned by some inconvenience in bringing their own bags to the Supermarket. Luckily though, most are now on board. So much willful ignorance as you said though. Why do people not listen to climate experts and instead somewhat proudly show their ignorance and reliance instead on people like Andrew Bolt and Alan Jones. I am just starting to see mentions of the Amazon fires being talked about on television shows with the urgency and horror that goes with it. Also saw where Bolsonaro is being called out completely for being the facist dangerous dictator that he is.
  6. I think this is what sunk Hilary in the end. As soon as I saw the announcement of the reopened email investigation I knew it was over.....and given that we now know there was an investigation going on related to Trump and Russia at the same time by the FBI, it is OUTRAGEOUS that Comey choose to disclose this non-event 11 days before the election and withheld the Russia investigation news.....
  7. It is so disheartening. It is a combination of greed, laziness, and selfishness all wrapped up in a package of willful ignorance. For the people that make stupid statements like 'how can it be soooo cold if there really is global warming?' wake the fuck up. Weather is not the same as climate. Your willful ignorance is killing ALL OF US
  8. Once again, his supporters see this as: STANDING UP TO THE ELITES. SAYING IT LIKE IT IS. PUTTING AMERICA FIRST. They just run to his corner when he does shit like this. I agree that if he were to keel over from a heart attack from gorging on fast food his whole life that I wouldn't shed a fucking tear.
  9. He is just part of the problem. I have noticed so many people just don't "believe" in climate change. They think it is a ploy to tax people and they get all of that from various right wing commentators from the media. The same commentators that love Trump. It is far more prevalent than people realize. Just last month, a colleague told me that " I don't believe in Climate change" So we started talking about it and and she make some comment about " Why is Melbourne so cold in Winter is there is climate change" She thought our Winters should be warm. This from someone who has lived in Melbourne all of her life and knows full well that Melbourne has always been cold in Winter. Why so many go to Queensland for Winter to escape the cold. Have heard so many others talk like that too. In so many different circumstances. Forget ever turning on radio talk back shows too. All full of people saying that climate change is rubbish and people are "climate alarmists" The fact this Amazon fire is still not being talked much in the mainstream press is pathetic.
  10. Dumpster you mean? They just want to build more golf course, commercial building, extract more rare earth since China stopped supplying it during the trade war, get as much money as they could.
  11. Translation: Dumpster will help to extract the rich rare earth in the unexplored Amazon territory after the fire subsided.
  12. Have noticed this for such a long time and it is beyond comprehension. So many people do not care about the environment, climate change, mass extinctions of animals and plants and the rights of indigenous populations of the world. In fact, so many are completely dismissive of scientists who have worked in this field for a long time and are experts on this topic. Instead they believe shock jocks, a media that demonises climate scientists while having interests in coal companies and dismiss and ridicule experts in their field. How can people not be interested in what is happening to our planet ?
  13. My God. This sums up everything that is evil in this world with today's so called leaders. Trump and the entire world SHOULD be helping out Brazil and the Amazon. No matter if they get on or not. This is a major World problem and it is horrific and frightening. Instead Trump is talking of trade prospects. Too many right wing heartless revolting leaders in the world with no moral compass or thought for anyone bar themselves. Trump stands out because he is so obscene and stupid but just as many like him. Putrid greedy people
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  15. Omg if i read another smart ass comment saying don't listen to celebrities or celebrities know nothing...yet they are pro trump ill scream! Do these idiots not remember that trump was a tv celebrity before he became president....they contradict themselves so much.
  16. And the ignoramuses in the comments afterward...
  17. NEVER underestimate the insanity of American Christianity, especially at its most fundamentalist roots.
  18. What the fuck is this freakshow ?!?? ! I feel bad for the crazy bitch. And those crutches on the wall in the background? Seriously, its so deranged.
  19. Tulsi is polling low but getting better. We shouldn't dismiss a candidate for polling low (and the DNC still hasn't learned their 2016 lesson, maybe they need a second one). Let's see... But the fact is the DNC and major media will never support a true progressive candidate, they will attempt to silence and smear and destroy them, because these millionaires only want to further the establishment, not work to make people's lives any better (which is why they never cover anything destructive Trump is doing politically). Here's a telling example of an "expert" on MSNBC complaining how a socialist president would be horrible and how he would rather vote for Trump if it came down to it.
  20. Amazon forest burning is not Notre Dame burning, as others have pointed out on social media. Disgustingly sad, but true. Oh and even in the UK it has been barely reported, all fixated on the nothingness of the current twat in power... Without a planet to live on, how the fuck are those responsible for the fires, for the climate change, be expecting to carry on their filthy business under the radar? Global climate change does affect every single one of us living on this planet. I am scared too...
  21. Has not been in Australia. Our world news on commercial channels is dreadful. Same here in Australia. I am at work and mentioned the Amazon fire to 3 of my colleagues and none had seen anything about it on the news and did not know about it. They looked it up in their breaks online and were horrified by it.
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  23. I watch/read a lot of news in the U.S. It has barely been mentioned anywhere here so far. I have to go on social media to read about it and get news links from outside the U.S.
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