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  2. This project is a total embarassement already and I will absolutely refuse to watch it. Her deleted post about the false statements is a little bit hilarious though, because those were exact quotes.
  3. I kinda wish the same for Madonna, but they just hate her instead. oh well.
  4. I totally agree. IF this shitshow actually gets made, I absolutely refuse to see it.
  5. I loved the interviews she did during the RH era! Madonna looked gorgeous and happy! That one is no exception. :)
  6. If Madonna's biopic is as much of a mess than what was Britney's, then no please. I'd rather wait for Madonna to write her own biography.
  7. I love Falling Free! It's one of the best songs of MDNA and vocal-wise it's amazing (best vocals since Ray of Light album arguably)! :) As to whether it should have been released as a single or not, I think that while the song is amazing, it's not single material. Love Spent and I'm Addicted definitely should have been released as singles though...
  8. I understand and I initially thought the same. The public doesn't seem interested in 'exploring' Madonna as an artist, that ship has sailed by the end of 2002. But if you serve them all the juicy slept-her-way-to-the-top stuff and confirm all the prejudices and cliches that are floating around, you'll probably make some bucks. That's why I'm so suspicious about the project.
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  10. @Orion I get what you're saying about how some media have portrayed her and how many people might have a totally distorted image of her. but don't loose faith on how the general population thinks about Madonna. I think there is a profound respect, admiration of her artistic output and the outstanding quality and quantity of her unstoppable work ethic, besides the hypnotic quality of her personality that keeps people wanting more. I totally agree there's a lot of misinformation and bad press as there are many haters whose voice might seem to sound louder and stronger, but she's the third or the fourth most successful musical act ever because people adore her, people are not fools, they have lived side by side the Madonna history, they have seen her social and cultural influences during the last decades and they know, even if they remember it or not, they know. It's always easier and more fun to make fun of someone, because it makes people feel important for a second, but there are many more voices who support and love our Madonna. I don't agree with the movie as it is a complete misinterpretation of an exemplary life, that has an incredible story tell, not because I fear it will change people minds. I know Madonna's legacy is stronger than that, even if sometimes battles seems to be lost, she will prevail and win in the grand scheme of things.
  11. RH TOUR: 1. Iconic 2. Bitch I'm Madonna 3. Holy Water / Vogue 4. Love Profusion (Rock Mix) 5. Devil Pray 6. Messiah (Interlude) 7. Hold Tight (Tribal Mix) 8. Deeper and Deeper 9. True Blue 10. HeartBreakCity / Love Don't Live Here Anymore 11. Like a Virgin 12. Veni Vidi Veci (Interlude) 13. Living for Love 14. La Isla Bonita 15. Beautiful Stranger (Spanish Mix) 16. Special Songs: Like a Prayer / Take a Bow / Secret / Ghosttown (depending on the date) 17. Rebel Heart 18. Illuminati (Interlude) 19. Music (with elements of Get Stupid) 20. Get Together (Jazzy Mix) 21. Material Girl 22. La vie en rose 23. Unapologetic Bitch Encore: 24. Everybody (Confessions Mix)
  12. I don't have a restrictive mindset regarding what a biopic is or is not.
  13. 1- Sticky & Sweet 2- The Girlie Show 3- Blond Ambition 4- Confessions 5- Rebel Heart 6- The Virgin Tour 7- Who's That Girl 8- The MDNA Experience 9- Drowned world 10- The Reinvention Tour
  14. Wow this is really though, but I accept the challenge! 1. Blond Ambition Tour 2. The Confessions Tour 3. Rebel Heart Tour 4. The Girlie Show Tour 5. Sticky and Sweet Tour 6. MDNA Tour 7. Re-Invention Tour 8. Drowned World Tour 9. The Virgin Tour 10. Who's That Girl Tour
  15. Living in France, I can say that I'm so scared of what's to come. Macron and Le Pen aren't the ideal candidates, that's for sure, but seeing people hesitate between the two, I mean why?? Le Pen is obvioulsy the bigger danger and must be stopped at all costs. She doesn't support the valors France has, and as such shouldn't be the President of the country. And by the way, she claims herself as patriotic, but if she really was, she would support these valors. If you aren't happy with what the country stands for, then just leave the country, don't try to change it, 'cause a lot of people that are living here stands for it too! I'm proud to be french right now, but if she becames the President, i just won't be as much. She might cause devastating things in France, but also in the whole world if she has the power.
  16. Mambo Madonna is so loving
  17. maybe she'll prevent it from being made. I think it's smarter than letting them do their thing and show you're against it when the movie is done ready for a release.. then they'll be getting all the "this is the madonna biography she does NOT want you to see" promo.
  18. Oh for crying out loud, can't any of you understand the argument? It's not a criticism of IBWM, it's trying to understand why anyone would think THIS film has anymore commercial interest than Innoncence Lost when there will be no Madonna and none of her music in it. It just sounds like the theatre version of DSS when they used Blondie's music. And M fuelling the fire only gives this film more exposure. I don't know why she bothered.
  19. What a great mom and human being.
  20. Omg that's the cutest thing ever and they call her mambo awwww
  21. 😅
  22. GURRL it was the highest grossing docu of all time. And it STILL is the highest grossing documentary of the TWENTIETH CENTURY. Please sit down.
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