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  2. Do you miss Madonna's bitchiness?

    I know from a very reliable specific source she s a supa c*nty bitch lol (would say the same thing if it was a male pr*ck) Diana..stellar music... but awful c*nty human. lol Tracy is cool but a super elite privileged.
  3. Liz Smith has Died [merged]

    I think we are reading in to this 2 much...Liz was also a talking head as part of several madonna 'specials', so her interest must have been genuine, but their relationship was business and 'managed' by Liz Rosenberg, that's just PR.
  4. Lady Gaga thread

    in the last few months I heard one gaga song (bad romance) on the radio (yesterday), and madonna like 10 times in the same time span. and that's on one of those radio channels that play current hits by the big stars but also 80s and 90s stuff. very mainstream.
  5. Janet Jackson thread

    so many people jokingly say beyonce or rihanna are the black madonna. same with selena. how in the world is that in any way like tomi?
  6. Madonna new album 2018

    after she records album...she needs to release it asap...the longer it sits around collecting dust waiting for the "right time" to release it, the more at risk it is at leaking like last time
  7. Lady Gaga thread

    Madonna is still one of the most successful singers in Germany. 26 of her singles reached the top ten and 12 of her albums went to #1, the latest were Celebration and Rebel Heart.
  8. Madonna Instagram Thread

    lol here we go. that explains why she didnt talk about it.
  9. Janet Jackson thread

    Christ what a cheap as hell looking tour. You would expect a production like this from a brand new act with no money to back them up yet... Sorry I need to cleanse myself with a real show opener...
  10. Today
  11. Also hard to believe this is the same guy. Talk about aging horribly.
  12. I'm just stunned there is this part of Madonna's career life I knew nothing about.
  13. Taylor Swift thread

    i know right - how interesting.... 1.28mn in pure sales for Reputation, 1.29mn for 1989 bizarre! longevity is questionable, although the Ed Sheeran duet is taking off at radio unlike all the other songs she has tried to launch so far
  14. that guy is gonna blow the lid on that guy with more than 30 guys and grindr messeges. said he was the weinstein of politics.
  15. Do you miss Madonna's bitchiness?

  16. Mariah Carey/KFC thread

    Wow. Didn't know Mariah posed for Playboy.
  17. Lady Gaga thread

    It's true but the sad thing is she sticks her face in everything, yet still nobody can pick her out from the other creatures roaming the aisles at Wal-mart
  18. Madonna new album 2018

    I don’t think she’s going to drop hints left and right on ig like last time. Isn’t that how she got hacked?
  19. Who the hell is Peter Shue?

    All we can really be sure of is that she sent him her underwear. But her taste is sometimes questionable & he did look a bit less of a mess back then so I would not rule it out. My feeling is that it is likely.
  20. Madonna Instagram Thread

    This really is the only thing that I am certain of.
  21. Spice Girls thread

    The song is pretty weak too BUT: The chorus is very memorable. Still better than 99% of things we hear now...
  22. Madonna new album 2018

    She said she was right at the start of the process and getting inspired. I think we are getting ahead of ourselves nothing is recorded yet and I don't believe she has been secretly recording anything ready for release.
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