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  2. Um Mon Apr 24, 2017 | 12:57 PM EDT Entire U.S. Senate to go to White House for North Korea briefing Top Trump administration officials will hold a rare briefing on Wednesday at the White House for the entire U.S. Senate on the situation in North Korea, senior Senate aides said on Monday. All 100 senators have been asked to the White House for the briefing by Secretary of State Rex Tillerson, Secretary of Defense Jim Mattis, Director of National Intelligence Dan Coats and General Joseph Dunford, chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, the aides said. While top administration officials routinely travel to Capitol Hill to address members of Congress on foreign policy and national security matters, it is unusual for the entire 100-member Senate to go to such an event at the White House, and for those four top officials to be involved. U.S. officials have expressed mounting concern over North Korea's nuclear and missile tests, and its threats to attack the United States and its Asian allies. President Donald Trump criticized North Korea's "continued belligerence" and said its actions were destabilizing during a telephone call with Chinese President Xi Jinping on Sunday, the White House said. The briefing will take place at 3 p.m. EDT. House aides said they were working with the White House to set a similar briefing for members of the House of Representatives. (Reporting by Patricia Zengerle; Editing by Jeffrey Benkoe)
  3. Go on Miss Jancel!
  4. Um..and like all the bullshit artists another one WILL come along (once those deplorable idiots who voted for Trump see how much he scammed them 10x more than Obama!). Next one will simply be a new face and voice, more glossed up and 'connect' in the same way w/ the same people as Dump, Obama, Bill and Reagan did! Thats always been and will always be the key to winning an election. Trump was the biggest con of em all but was STILL better a better candidate far as connecting or at least friggin trying lol. While she was resting all summer in the Hamptons as all her e-mails were getting dumped daily. Dems have no choice but to go full on Bernie-esque and drop all the Hillarys and Hillary/Obama lights (Booker, Gillebrand, etc etc..zzz) Or also pick a total outsider. Thats what the entire world is wanting now in their leaders. Dems and the GOP loathe the idea but they have no choice.
  5. It soo coming. Then a day later the 'discount' (like it already is in the UK) but it will ALL go to cancer research.
  6. But are people really that dumb or they're just playing dumb so they can jump on the bandwagon of a Madonna bashing? As Madonna has said many times we should stop seeking people's approval but do or say what's right for us.
  7. Since I was 23 years old.
  8. Madonna is hands down the MOST RESPECTFUL icon to other people In The Public. Dont know what goes on outside of the media...but still...this PUBLIC shade that's being thrown at her is so fucking uncalled for.
  9. Disagree. i'd say this recent album is getting more attention than the last 3 (not that it means anything LOL). And it is also their most solid and well produced album since "No Exit" (that Maria song)
  10. Madonna needs to recognize that not everyone understands her "speeches" and she needs to write them to be more friendly to the general public so she can get her point across. A lot of times Madonna's points are overshadowed by her selective irony. We as Madonna fans "get it" because we understand her irony and WHY she says certain things to grab headlines.... but I understand why some daft people still don't understand Madonna's purpose for comments like that.
  11. Looks like she just met the woman for the first time.
  12. Hope? Sounds like the Obama campaign slogan.
  13. ALL about HER, 'I', how hard for it is for her, me, her, me. Christ she's a severe passive/aggressive exploitative fungus. Even that pretentious 'pose'. Horrid. And 'since she's 23 years old' lol! Um..that's only 8 years. Not like a childhood friend or even 'friend' she's known at least 10-15 years.
  15. Today
  16. So shes made her friend having cancer all about her and how hard it is on HER?!? And then plugs the album. This bitch is unreal.
  17. So what is next? It's four months until the tour starts and the album is over. four months propping up 'Manure'?
  18. Well its REALLY bad music this top 10 I tried listening currently music yesterday and i cant stand all this bad rap rnb in everything
  19. So much money but the house is a tacky nightmare
  20. I meant, I wish they would release alternate slip covers, not re-shot covers as per the two pics i put on the OP. ie The second pic in an alternate slip cover from the era and the inside reveal is the original.
  21. So punk rock.
  22. She eradicated them all, don't look no futher. Bitterness is a bad look. I still love Debbie Though (even though Blondie's latest album is as dumb and eventless as her solo projects)
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