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  2. Was one of Madonna's best ever interviews. She was relaxed, interesting and really opened up. Love that Howard also researched her life so well.
  3. The problem with this LiveNation contract end bullshit is that some of her fucking fans are editing Wikipedia pages to 'confirm' the fake news. They must have voted for the Orange One
  4. I paid literally a fiver more for the Japanese edition with Take A Bow on it. Fucking imbeciles!
  5. poor flopita she can t release a dvd of her shitty tours jajaja
  6. Mariah Carey/KFC thread

    Desspacito is going to tie One sweet day s record OMG 16 WEEKS AT N1 IS ALMOST SURE
  7. I'm so curious about this part. I love hearing about madonna's childhood. This is a great interview
  8. She suffers from an acute form of meth-mouth.
  9. Joan got pregnant before she was married into the family? wheres the kid? Whos the babydaddy?
  10. P!nk

    she needs a killer performance at VMAS , she needs promo its airplay is great , it will reach 100m for sure in 2 weeks we can see its peak , I guess
  11. #Justice4GirlGoneWild

    The prayer at the begining of the song should've been left on the cutting room floor. It should only have been included for the tour.
  12. Okay. So the HOWARD STERN interview. Talk about it!

  13. P!nk

    11 m on youtube between lyric and official video
  14. Taylor Swift thread 🐍

    Why did she go dark on her social media?
  15. Lecce's apparently really lovely part of Italy that's usually skipped over by tourists for other cities in Italy. Cool that she visited a ittle less touristy part.
  16. Beyoncé Thread

    How much money has she made off the twins so far?
  17. P!nk

    her 5th n1 for sure and another top 10 for the queen
  18. #Justice4GirlGoneWild

    I love GGW! I can't believe it wasn't a big hit
  19. It was so good to hear her open up. She seemed very comfortable with him. A lot of her interviews are to thought out and kinda stiff.
  20. Demi is bizarre. She recently shared a photo of herself without her two front teeth and said the knocked her teeth out by clenching her mouth and sheared them off ! Never heard that excuse before.
  21. Okay. So the HOWARD STERN interview. Talk about it!

    I love the black lady too. She's an awesome addition luv herrrr
  22. I know it has been said millions of times here but seriously this is just too fucking great of an interview
  23. #Justice4GirlGoneWild

    I really like the album version but this remix gives me life,
  24. Madonna RARE

    I'm sorry but this is bloody hilarious!!! LOL
  25. HOLY TRINITY | Ray Of Light

    Ray of Light Skin To Have And Not To Hold That was hard!
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