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  2. It's basically across the street from where I live... But I swear I didn't call the police. I always wondered why the windows are blinded there. So it was a proper drug infused gangbang... Apparently some Ukrainian guy has been organising them for a while now with sluts from all over Europe
  3. https://www.advocate.com/politicians/2018/5/24/18-homophobic-leaders-who-turned-out-be-gay-or-bi#media-gallery-media-19 ...and Aron schock teas
  4. But of course he was. It’s always the closeted bully who is the most homophobic who comes out as gay.
  5. Think so many people who become politicians do it for power no matter how they deny it. Power tripping can feel like a high for narcissistic people. Look at how many liberal democratic politicians in the US did not advocate for gay marriage laws until it was absolutely safe for them to do so. LGBT people will always be an easy target for politicians to exploit or use to distract from bigger problems.
  6. If most orgies are without condoms, who is surprised they don't care about covid?
  7. The organizer David Manzheley Guests ‘already had Covid-19,’ organiser of Brussels sex party says Wednesday, 02 December 2020 David Manzheley, who organised the sex party in Brussels with 25 attendees where Hungarian MEP Jozsef Szajer was also present, does not see the problem as all guests had already had coronavirus. Manzheley (29) regularly organises sex parties in his apartment, he told Het Laatste Nieuws, but he was not aware that one of his guests was an MEP, he added. “He is a friend of a friend. At my parties, I always invite a few friends, who in turn bring a few
  8. Last week
  9. All I know is my male friends are straight - and there's no reason for them to be bothered by who I decide to date. Why would there be? It makes complete sense that only men who need to exert their "straightness" or hurt people who aren't, to always end up being a repressed gay person. Time and time and again. the story is consistently the same not just with homophobes, but, any bully (who they hate is a reflection of who they are) but....actually now that I think of it, it could also be a sociopathic power trip thing, that has nothing to do with self hate. just about control and power.
  10. What do you mean by "house party"? Dailymail is kind enough (surprisingly) not to mention "gay orgy" whereas BBC headline..."Hungarian MEP Jozsef Szajer quit after police raided 'gay sex party'"
  11. Jozsef Szajer, a Hungarian MEP for Viktor Orban's right-wing Fidesz party has resigned after he was caught breaking lockdown to attend a 'mostly male' orgy with 25 others in Brussels. According to a press release from the public prosecutor's office: 'A passer-by reported to the police that he had seen a man fleeing along the gutter; he was able to identify the man. 'The man's hands were bloody. It is possible that he may have been injured while fleeing. Narcotics were found in his backpack. The man was unable to produce any identity documents. He was escorted to his place of residen
  12. Police raid lockdown orgy in Brussels: Hungarian MEP for Viktor Orban's anti-LGBT party resigns after being caught by cops shinning down a drainpipe from 25-strong male sex party also attended by EU diplomats Police in Brussels broke up a sex party held illegally during lockdown on Friday Officers said 25 naked and 'mostly male' attendees were taking part in the party MEP fled via a window, hurt himself shinning down a drainpipe, and was caught Jozsef Szajer, of anti-LGBT Fidesz party, has admitted it was him and resigned https://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-
  13. At first I thought you're talking about Armond Rizzo
  14. I thought this thread was about Armando Rizzo at first
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