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  2. Elvis is so mousy and slimy. As shallow, awful, and clueless as Ryan Seacrest. 0 depth or talent. Def has it in him to start trouble and gossip like most of them. Anyway, shame it took Chester's death to create this thread esp since this has been out there for a while. Or at least his name added to all those threads of people who loved M. He was part of one of the biggest most beloved bans this century. The guy def was a loon not just a casual fan! :/
  3. i like it; she never disappoints me Ultra violence is however still my favorite Lana album
  4. it sucks. the epitome no taste
  5. ew they played pokerface and a disco party here.. tho it was a bday fam/friends party so not a big deal.. didnt know the dj though (well, i know he's a quizmaster and always asks stupid gaga questions), as usually it's my uncle who always plays M and other real good music.. (he even talked about how boring the dancefloor was and that they had to put M on
  6. Yesterday
  7. One of the reasons why I hate most Madonna fans and I wish them death regularly? They don't have enough intelligence to love "Revolver" on MDNA Tour and they moaned how "Die Another Day" or "Beautiful Killer" wasn't performed in its place. Seriously, go fuck yourselves.
  8. Dieting ads looking like the Grinch. When will your faves ?
  9. Her look before she said "A couple of years ago." He asked it as if an international tour was a big deal to her. Pffffffffffffffft.
  10. Gracefully? I.e. ? Flopping since you are 35 (hardly considerable old age), altering your natural features, showing up on stage on your first proper tour in 7 years wearing diapers, having an awards display at your concerts, scrapping the whole thing ten dates into it (for the umpteenth time) and last but not least marrying a rich gay man for a half a billion. Graceful TICK TICK TICK TICK
  11. Throwback to feb. 2009 and her first promo tour in Paris and a pic from the photoshoot she did here for promo at the same time
  12. i wonder if these teens realize what they have done...i wonder if friends/family are drilling it in their heads that what they did was despicable?...i wonder
  13. Very sad and utterly frustrating Despicable act We live in a world where in one instance you have to fear the police shooting unarmed people for no reason and in another things like this happening and nobody does anything. Those teenagers must be corrected. Where are the parents in today's society. No doubts more hooked up on those smartphones than their own kids are. Sick times
  14. Well hope he's eventually arrested if the allegation is true. Hate when famous people or folks in power get off from crimes because of their privileges or connections...
  15. Gosh, that song was a snooze-fest to listen to in the mid-90s.
  16. I love this album. This may just be my 2nd favorite next to Ultraviolence. 13 Beaches, Groupie Love and Beautiful People/Problems have to be released as videos.
  17. Poor Mimiphant.
  18. Watch as Gaga 's next lead fails to enter top 40 of BB, she wasted her pop comeback with The Disease copying Chainsmokers, she will try to be trippy hippy this time and with promo and all that stuff and will be the floppiest era in recorded pop history. If you check google trends no-one is searching for her, she had a spike in superbowl, but without superbowl she is done for good and it will be seen in the next months. Then she will take the actor card again like "I always wanted to be an actor before becoming a musician" Hers razzies are ready for her, then after that she will likely end up doing some rupaul shows and that will be the end of her as people remember.
  19. But she is a nice girl so she is more legendary. LOL!!!!!!
  20. I like the album but I really miss some up tempo tracks. Her last two albums are ballad and down tempo overload. I can't think how her live would work if she didn't have the hits from her debut.
  21. So what about I'll Remember? Have I missed something?
  22. David is in England
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