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  3. So stupid, focus on the hate accounts, spam, bots and accounts designed to promote violence and division. Rather than making a big scene over porn stars, amateur content or even someone openly expressing their sexuality.
  4. Yea, I don't think twitter should be used for porn that's what Tumblr was for and then they had to ruin that too
  5. If I was a computer genius I'd start a new platform
  6. Good. There’s thousands of porn sites tho.
  7. And yet the white supremacist and neo-nazi accounts are all over these platforms and they don't do jack shit about them.....
  8. There has to be a support group for problems like these
  9. Another win for the conservatives. Wish they would all fall inside a volcano tbh.
  10. what will furries do? where will they go?
  11. Noooooo I follow and have grown so many emotional attachments to many porn stars on there
  12. Twitter to introduce stricter content NSFW guidelines — worrying adult content creators by Cara Curtis — Dec 5, 2019 - 20:5610 days ago in Tech Over the past year, social networking platforms Facebook and Instagram have made it almost impossible for NSFW artists to exist on the platforms in their efforts to ‘clean up’ the sites. The measures employed have ranged from banning any discussion around “sexual preference,” “sexual roles,” “breasts,” and “buttocks” to the tech giant’s latest stunt in restricting solicitation that involves “sexual emoji or emoji strings.” The trend of deteriorating conditions for NSFW artists to make a living online first started last year when Tumblr announced that it would block anything it considered to be adult-rated visual content. Now, Twitter, a platform that tolerates sexual expression, has joined the censorship-ranks by changing its guidelines around its “sensitive media policy.” As of January 1, 2020, the social networking site will ban “violent sexual conduct” and “gratuitous gore content.” As pointed out by The Daily Dot, Twitter defines adult content as media that is “pornographic or intended to cause sexual arousal,” including “cartoons, hentai, or anime involving humans or depictions of animals with human-like features.” Twitter considers “violent sexual conduct” to be any media that portrays violent actions alongside sexual interactions, “whether real or simulated” such as simulated lack of consent and sexualized violence. Adding to this, Twitter can remove any material “that depicts violent sexual conduct or gratuitous gore anywhere” and can also permanently ban accounts that are “dedicated to posting this type of content.” Wave goodbye to NSFW-content While blocking “violent sexual conduct” seems like an easy move to clean up its platform and prevent offensive material from circulating on Twitter, multiple NSFW artists have voiced their concerns over this policy update signaling a complete NSFW-content ban in the coming year. Read More: https://thenextweb.com/tech/2019/12/05/twitter-to-follow-facebook-and-instagram-with-new-anti-nsfw-guidelines/
  13. Thanks Gaudet. It is indeed frightening and horrible. The fact our own government has no great need to properly address it as well is just obscene. Not only horrific for all of our citizens and way of life and health but also for the beautiful animals that we are so lucky to have here in Australia. Another heart breaking picture.
  14. Nicola Sturgeon is the best leader in the world at the moment. Sticks true to her beliefs and has a heart, vision and governs for all. Wish all leaders had the same strength and heart. Scotland was the shining light in this election. I still am completely shocked that Boris got in by so much in the rest of the UK. The man is a bumbling dangerous idiot and it is so obvious. He would not even give proper interviews or discussions leading up to the election and yet people voted for him in droves. Feel so depressed about the world politics. It is a trend that is going on everywhere in the world. With Boris and the conservatives getting such a majority of power, they are now free to implement so much - much more than just Brexit. If the working and middle classes think the right wingers will look after them, they are in for a shock.
  15. Ugh don't get me started on this mess of a government. Every day i get more upset with how hopeless they are. At least people are starting to wake up. We had a protest in Sydney on Wednesday about climate change and 30k people showed up which is great. Living in Sydney has been so bad the last month with all the smoke. I suffer from bad sinus problems so i have been really unwell the last few weeks. I could even smell smoke in my office building you cant escape it. You constantly feel it in your throat. Meanwhile our idiot leader is only focused on religious discrimination amd he is determined to pass laws basically allowing religious people to discriminate against minorities and other religious communities instead of trying to stop the distruction of nsw due to the fires. Not only has so much land been lost, homes and human lives as well we have lost whole communities of koalas and other native animals. It makes me so sad. Now he is busy having dinners with Murdoch and his cult religious leader from Hillsong and sticking up for 'quiet Australians' i.e. the bigots who want the minorities to stay silent so they can keep spewing their hate without repercussions. I really hope his 'religious freedom' bill doesn't get through if it does it will open up a whole Pandora box of problems. It will be a nightmare for HR at work, businesses could refuse to serve people, all the charities that are religiously run same as hospital's could exclude to help people in need or who are ill who are not recognosed by their religion like the LGBT community.
  16. I find it so alarming that a government could introduce a new law that creates a right to discriminate (both to actually discriminate in terms of employment etc, but also a right to say things that are offensive and hurtful). I thought government's were supposed to protect its people, not help in oppressing them.... I find it strange that ScoMo always bangs on about being a Christian - has he not read the * where all Jesus ever talks about is giving to the poor and helping the most needy in the community, and treating everyone (EVERYONE) with kindness. He certainly does not practice what he claims to believe.
  17. Last week
  18. Truly heartbreaking Jan... I am crying - what can be done? How can it be prevented? This is absolutely terrible, I am so sorry and feel powerless
  19. Typical answer of those who offload responsibility of wrongdoing onto the victims, instead of the attackers. Dreadful despicable person. Whoever felt sorry for this pile of shallow fakery, has missed out how similar she is to the fake gold plaque she's married.
  20. Nicola may seem cold as ice but she gets the job done and IMHO she does it rather well. I am traveling to London this February to see M at the Palladium. I highly doubt I will go the UK anytime soon after that. As Donny Trump has put it: #sad.
  21. Just insert Melania’s name here instead of Lindsey and that sums up my feelings about Melania
  22. To be fair I feel that Nicola is one of the few intelligent and capable politicians nowadays.
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