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  2. Sarah looks more evil than ever. Her eyebrows scare me.
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  4. "Donald J. Trump paid $750 in federal income taxes the year he won the presidency. In his first year in the White House, he paid another $750" Donald Trump’s tax information published in NEW YORK TIMES
  5. She sold hundred of millions. Her followers don't give a damn about her recent work.
  6. Love that Australian reporter/interviewers Leigh Sales made Sarah Huckabee Sanders look like the fool she is. She did not let her get away with not answering questions. It always amazes me how people like Sarah can just overlook all the sexist racist things Trump says and does and instead just go on about " the Liberal mob" Leigh Sales has said that her feed has been full of Americans who overwhelmingly are applauding that she did not give Sarah an easy ride.
  7. This is so important. Americans, please do the right thing. Don’t let the ultra right wing destroy all the gains that RBG fought for and won for all society.
  8. Her latest book (5th in the series) sold 65K on the first 5 days. Biggest single week sales for her serial killer series. Her 1st & 2nd sold 1.5m across all formats (print, audio, e-book). Not really a flop.
  9. Well all the millions come from the Potter franchise. Her other books are big fat flops. Nobody will read the new one.
  10. and how can we call what is happeniung now in spain? the old king disappeared in catar, the new one "banned" from going to an official act to catalonia, but phoning to say that he would have loved to be there, madrid´s government having the poor part of the city in a semi lockdown becouase of the virus, but allowing the poor people to go to work for the middle class and the rich people, the spanish government telling them that all the city should be closed...
  11. Think even if he announced “you’re all gonna die” at a rally, his base would cheer.
  12. All the Trump men have small penis syndrome
  13. She's gonna become a liability to her own reactionary dogma like Graham Linehan did. Dropping the syrupy pretense and plausible deniability and going full sadistic (or even sociopathic, as it increasingly looks) goes against the TERF handbook. Maybe they won't care when she opens the cheque book and throws enough of her millions into "the war effort", though.
  14. When the military generals and national security experts, particularly those who have worked in the same room with Trump, are ringing the alarm.....
  15. I’ve said it before, I’ll say it again: he is a vile cunt. On top of that he is a fascist. Voting him out is the least Americans can do. Throwing him in jail would be even better.
  16. You know you're a terrible person when you're booed at a funeral
  17. It's so incredibly sad to me that someone can have such a huge platform and massive wealth and choose to divide instead of unite. Did an ex-boyfriend of hers leave her for a transwoman? I just do NOT understand the bitterness! Transwomen are not trying to "erase" women as she claims. That's the biggest load of shit ever.
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