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  3. So, now we just act like MJ never said he was innocent for 15 yrs and his estate isn't saying the same now? You can live in your little la la land where that aspect of this story doesn't exist, but it does and it's being discussed as in depth as "the other side". You know why? Because no matter how passionately we may feel that he's definitely guilty, no matter how passionately we may feel that he would never touch a child, NOBODY REALLY KNOWS. Which is why this discussion will never end. Which is why there is nothing wrong with discussing all aspects. You can still think he's guilty but look at the other side of things and vice versa. I don't understand why that's such a difficult concept. I truly hope some of you NEVER have jury duty because it would be a total, epic fail. Imagine being in the room and telling the other jurors flat out "oh I refuse to discuss that side of this case....it doesn't exist. Only *this* side exists."..... GIVE ME A FUCKING BREAK!! There are people here CLEARLY stating they think he's definitely guilty but may have a question about something they noticed on the defensive side, just because they're CURIOUS not because they're trying to be swayed to believe he's innocent or whatever......they get ripped apart for even asking a fucking question!! Shame to see Madonna fans of all people condone censorship and bullying. Oh and please spare me with your paedo apologist "truth" bullshit......typical extreme, overreacting SJW garbage. Yeah....and if you listen to some people they say you're a flat out paedo if you think he's guilty. Complete opposite sides of the SJW spectrum, but both views are cut from the same shit stained cloth as far as I'm concerned.
  4. Dear Peter, I really like the way you think. I actually do the same and just one little part of my music consume is streaming. The music market is still to face big changes and we don't know exactly what will happen. I think streaming will become even bigger in 5 to 15 years but then there will be a collapse and probably there will be many diffrent services and options, not necessarily better. I really hope that the physical media don't disappear completely, but there will be for sure much less options then today. I work for a recording company and it is incredible how things have changed in the last 5 years. Not only the way music is purchased but the music production and reception itself. I'm torn between the advantages and the losts
  5. i love how you pick and choose what to post here? What about muslim parents mobbing for schools in the UK to avoid talking about LGBTQ struggles to their children? Several schools in Birmingham and Manchester had to remove these lessons from they curricula because of hard complaints from muslim families. Obviously it's a taboo in this forum while christians' bashing continues. Be glad you were not born in the middle east. https://www.theguardian.com/education/2019/jan/31/school-defends-lgbt-lessons-after-religious-parents-complain i cannot be bothered to post more links, go and educate yourselves. You are a bunch of hypocrits. Keep on pick and choosing what you want, we'll all pay the consequences in the future.
  6. I think we would have great conversation @peter ! I'm glad I asked ! Must admit I almost fell off my chair when I read about your iPod... I was wondering who still uses that shit !??!!?? You know that you can add and syncronize you mp3 to your streaming service, don't you ? At 1st, I kept buying Cds only from the artist I really like. I had an old car with a cd player so I kept those cds in my car. Last year I changed my car and there's only the bluetooth so there's no use to buy Cd anymore. The only one I will buy in the future is M's album, even if I don't listen to them.
  7. I played the clip first and didn't read the article and I didn't find anything offensive. Even after I had read the "complaint", I still dun find anything offensive. All I can say is these idiots' minds are corrupted.
  8. I hope they reveal their time machine, so we can go back to their century and be offended by basically ALL the shit that was canon and holy in the ‘good ole days’ they crave so much.
  9. all of the truly horrific and shocking things happening in the world and they are worried about this advert for Kit Kat ! Their objection is so insane and ridiculous that it is comical.
  10. Extension offered is upto May now, day before the elections. Interesting!
  11. le smoking

    Michael Jackson: Paedophile (continued)

    The Popcast podcast from the New York Times talked about how he isn't being cancelled and basically said that cancel culture is really about whether or not people can compartmentalize a problematic artist - and everyone has been compartmentalizing him since the 80s. I'm sure lots of people are still stuck on that "good" image of him in the Jackson 5 or during Thriller or whatever, and then there's everything else with the plastic surgeries/skin lightening/baby dangling/snatching Paris from the hospital etc. Child molestation got lumped into that category of stuff no one wants to talk/think about. People have spent decades ignoring half of his life and are really great at it, so for those people (aka a lot of the public and some vile people on here), the doc did not change anything
  12. https://www.nydailynews.com/news/national/ny-news-moms-kit-kat-christian-ad-commercial-20190321-t5ko6bxudng3vgn4rzjuyobqme-story.html Conservative moms draft petition to ban a Kit Kat commercial By BRIAN NIEMIETZ NEW YORK DAILY NEWS MAR 21, 2019 | 7:13 PM Nearly 8,500 followers of a conservative protest group calling itself One Million Moms has launched a petition attacking Kit Kat chocolate’s “tasteless” new ad. The 15-second commercial is set to the Missy Elliott song “Work It” and includes a line where a reference to the male anatomy is replaced with the sound of an elephant blowing its trunk. That’s a little more than the members of One Million Moms want their kids experiencing. “This song is about sex, and the lyrics are extremely offensive,” according to the petition launched Tuesday. "The song includes a word for male genitalia that is bleeped out by an elephant trumpet: ‘If ya got a big (phrrrrr), let me search it.’” The petition argues the focus of the ad is its sexual message and not the chocolate bar. “Not once is KIT KAT audibly mentioned during their irresponsible commercial,” the call to arms reads. The ad shows the Kit Kat logo along with the words “Breaks are good. Have one.” One Million Moms "current campaigns” page leads readers to commercials for Cottonelle toiletries and Walmart stores, which the group accused of promoting homosexual lifestyles. The latter ad, which they says shows two men on a date, got more than 17,000 signatures. Nestle’s, which owns Kit Kat, did not immediately respond to a request for comment.
  13. the-queen

    Michael Jackson: Paedophile (continued)

    I re-watched the Martin Bashir documentary a couple of days ago and had a variety of emotions. From Jackson’s point of view he shouldn’t have done it. It was a huge mistake and accelerated his demise in the public sphere. Bashir put a lot of the pieces together, and at the time, was scolded for doing so. Bashir has nothing to apologise for. His documentary revealed the disconnect between the superstar image Jackson created for the public via his music, and the reality of what he actually was and how he lived his life. Cheering fans mobbing him, begging for hugs and crying, thinking of him as a God – while he’s actually a lonely weirdo hanging around young boys and throwing his money away. Bashir, with Jackson’s permission, allowed us to see that. The fans were oblivious, and in most cases, deliberately shunning the truth. Nobody can live up to unrealistic superstar expectations. But it’s sad that this man was so loved, and loved for what fans wanted/thought him to be, when he did not resemble a normal human being. That’s why the diehard fans keep their heads in the sand and defend his myth. Jackson was incredibly talented as a performer but the myth did not match reality, not even remotely. By the time of Invincible, and especially afterwards, Jackson was a spent force creatively. He was living off past glories (Billie Jean, Beat It, etc) that were now distant memories, and re-releasing greatest hits. Jackson lied about being a sperm donor for his ‘children’. He lied about his plastic surgery, when the basis for him doing so was logically established (teasing from his father). I’m very confident the marriage to Lisa Marie was a front. He had no interest in women, as shown by using surrogates and having no relationship with them afterwards. And of course the biggest issue of all, sharing his bed with children. Jackson was not sleeping on the floor as he claimed. Notice how he told the truth about his deviance in a manipulative way? He said the star struck kids asked to sleep in his room, and the parents (not wanting to let them down) gave permission. I accept Jackson was abused as a child and he then abused other children (which he claimed he would NEVER do), though I’m confident he didn’t see it as abuse, but rather showing them love – something he says he didn’t get as a child. All in all, Bashir’s documentary revealed too much and confirmed a lot of people’s viewpoints about Jackson.
  14. Yeah, I know I sound over the top, but ... I hear people complain about not being able to hear the version they want of a particular song, or “Hey, the Ray of Light album disappeared in my country!” ... stuff like that sounds awful. Oh, and look what happened with Frozen in Belgium! They can remove music from servers and those who stream just won’t be able to hear it. But they can’t confiscate the physical copies from those who purchased it... I don’t know what will happen if CDs are truly eliminated. I’m not sure I believe all physical copies will cease to exist in my lifetime, but anything’s possible, I suppose. I can buy vinyl (I just don’t have my own player at the moment — though I have some of M’s albums on vinyl). I also have my iPod — which is really what I use in order to listen to music. The CD is more of the back-up at this point. But I keep hearing digital sales will be eliminated (sooner than CDs, even) ... and a friend of mine who has the same iPod as me has been having trouble with hers holding a charge — so I am not sure if my iPod will last either. (I know I’ll have my mp3 library on a hard drive, but ... I need to replace that computer — it died last year — and that isn’t portable like my iPod ... blah blah blah.) Sorry you asked, @runa? I know I’m ridiculous. Good for you for moving with the times and technology! I’m just not an early adopter. (I didn’t start using iTunes until Hard Candy in 2008 ... was trying to get the bonus track “Ring My Bell.” And I think I got my first CD in 1996... which was kinda late, too!)
  15. Yesterday
  16. In 10-15 years from now, they won't sale Cds anymore - or just in an extremely limited way. What are you gonna do ? I'm a Premium Spotify member since 4-5 years, now. Tbqh, I can count on my fingers the time I couldn't listen to what I wanted because it wasn't available. Having said that, I agree with you both: I miss the good old days, when I spent hours and hours admiring the booklet. Used to really like it.
  17. Seductive stare...."congratulations little one" That video alone leaves little room to question the inappropriate nature of his attachment. Wade was not an orphan child nor a kid suffering form a terminal illness where this could be viewed as a sympathetic gesture. Singling out cute little suburban boys for a special treatment and an up close and personal experience for weeks on end could not be twisted into an act of kindness.
  18. This thead gets more and more offensive each day. In all my time at MNation, I think this is one of the worst thread ever. You all make me laugh (or else I would cry) when you talk about "both side of the story". You want to know what was on each side? Let me tell you: On one side there were a manipulative abuser and boy rapist. On the other there were young boys, victims of sexual abuse and rape. And yes. Paedo apologist that's what you are. No witch hunt, here. Just truth.
  19. Marco

    Trump / US politics thread 🚽

    Australia is enduring a similarly bizarre situation when it comes to their now non-existent freedom of the press. How a media mogul like Murdoch has endless power is so frightening. I hate death wishes but I’ll be glad when that old bat and the orange mammoth drop dead.
  20. Oh my, it’s Harding/Carrigan all over again. Only this time with a new possible twist: racism.
  21. Supernatural

    Michael Jackson: Paedophile (continued)

    For me it isn't "I'm anti-MJ so I am going to take this chance to yell pedophile." Maybe you believe people are just "out to get him'? My frustration from day one is with the FREE PASS he has always had (and still has) to molest children. The benefit of the doubt/ let's wait and see attitude towards inappropriate behavior from trusted family, clergy, or celebrities is exactly how most children end up molested by predators. If he were still alive this cycle would never end. "Oh they weren't able to lift fingerprints off that lying boys' backside, send Michaels new 11 year old love interest in! All clear!"
  22. White Heat

    Michael Jackson: Paedophile (continued)

    I'm glad you've found the visuals you were hoping to find.
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