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  2. Drowned world tour appreciation thread!

    Best hair and makeup!
  3. Supreme and THE VOICE! Atlanta!
  4. Madonna Instagram Thread

    If only I had seen that movie I wouldn’t made the connection lol maybe she is doing a Shanghai Surprise sequel
  5. Madonna Instagram Thread

    Flop fans. It obviously is the villain's hand from Shanghai Surprise. Shame on you.
  6. Madonna Instagram Thread

    Oh that’s disappointing. Oh well. Will be interesting to see anyway.
  7. Thought people would choose to celebrate the 3rd then?
  8. True, her shows look so cheap and tacky, plus she employs amateur dancers and kids...
  9. Madonna Instagram Thread

    😂😂😂 yes, the right perspective 😂
  10. Yesterday
  11. All this Ray of Light show of love puts me in the mood! Wouldn't be nice to make a thread with all the performances of the (perfect) promo campaign in chronological order? I don't have the timing of all of them, but does somebody have the intel and the time to do it, pleaseeeeee?
  12. Drowned world tour appreciation thread!

    Please help with this one.... where do you think this picture is from?
  13. Madonna's SNL AIDS Skit

    There's no sound...
  14. Madonna's SNL AIDS Skit

    I liked M in this...it was the "leading man" I didn't like
  15. Madonna Instagram Thread

    Ready to milk those boobies!!!!
  16. Drowned world tour appreciation thread!

    Washington DC second Date
  17. Madonna Instagram Thread

    Is she shooting a campaign for Moschino/Jeremy Scott with Steven then? The coats from his latest line
  18. Beyawwwwwwnncé Thread

    I didn’t even notice her music isn’t even on Spotify or YouTube yet
  19. Nick Jonas: chasing that pink pound

    Take oral or anal twice a day.
  20. Madonna Instagram Thread

    I rather it not be for a skin commercial but if they use the first single in the commercials to promote it I would be happy. I realize that wont happen.
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