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  3. Seriously Horn where do you find all these insane “news”
  4. How anyone can defend him is beyond me. He is an elected official. Elected by the citizens of his state to represent his state, to work in the interest of his state. Every responsible politician would have told his family to stay home because there are things way more important once a natural desaster happens. In such case, family has to step back. This is what families of people in the highest positions have to realize and is something that is generally accepted. Yet he thought this does not apply to him. As mentiomed before he did not need to fly, the mother was there. Furthermore, this move
  5. and don't quote me bitch I'm done with you and this discussion.
  6. He doesn't have much common sense either. Like most "conservatives" fuck him and anyone who defends him.
  7. He came back because he got caught and was trying to save face. Don't even try with that bs. He's a slimy piece of shit.
  8. Woman caught without face mask whips off undies to use instead Tom Williams | 26 Feb 2021 A woman who was caught without a face covering while shopping in a supermarket was quick to come up with an alternative solution. Footage has emerged of the moment a customer whipped off her underwear and put them over her nose and mouth to placate a security guard during a row in South Africa. The viral incident was filmed at a Pick n Pay supermarket. The woman was asked to put on a mask – as is the law in South Africa – but claimed she did not have one. After the staff m
  9. Now he’s approval ratings are plummeting. This is fucked up. Cruz doesn’t control the weather
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  11. I think he did the right thing to go and drop them off and come back, I don’t think he was gonna stay with them for the rest of the trip.
  12. Homophobes have this weird idea that just because THEY are bothered by gay kissing, that means everyone is. Right wing mentality is all about projection.
  13. From what I have heard, Tulum has become very much the place to be when vacationing in Mexico. I can imagine local businesses are fuming over such action by the police. This is not the publicity you want for your town. Especially when the gay crowd brings in a substantial amount of money and probably spends more per guest on average. Of course, socio conscious celebrities will stay away too. So in the bigger picture, the police, paid by tax money, did a huge disservice to their community. Because of a kiss. A kiss that very obviously no one was bothered by.
  14. Mother Nature said: But really tho!!! The entire time, I’m in Maryland thinking about all the elderly folks, people with young children, etc. -What a fucked up way to bring in the year!
  15. honey it was a MESS let me tell you I remember a few days before this happened the news was like "arctic blast going to hit Texas soon. Prepare the best you can" and I kinda just rolled my eyes like "yeah, sure" the next thing I know I have no electricity and I can't flush my toilet I hope it never happens again.
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