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  2. Beyawwwwwwnncé Thread

    Beyoncé should hire you because your ability to spin anything into something positive is truly amazing! One of my favourite things in this thread
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  4. Well, Samantha tells in this INCREDIBLE BESTSELLER THAT SHOULD WIN THE NOBEL PRIZE about her first lesbian relation ship. She was some kind of executive from Jive Records, both Sam and her had boyfriends at the time (Sam's boyfriend was Paul Stanley, singer from the group Kiss) and the other girl had a boyfriend in London. They went to live together in New York, because Sam had lots of promo there. During the infamous tour where she shitted herself several times, she caught her girlfriend in bed with another man, that man that got so stoned that they lost that concert in Bolivia. Well, Samantha threw bedside telephone to her, unplugging it with "full force", hahahaha So, can we please determine that Samantha Fox invented the telephone-throwing trend?????? Here's Sam with Kiss' singer Paul Stanley and Mike Tyson. No wonder all men (and Whitney and Chrissie) were crazy about her. She was so beautiful! Me myself, being gay since the day I was born, I recall watching her pictures for hours when I was a kid. I was in love with her too!
  5. Azealia Banks

    Soda deserved better than this.
  6. Samantha Fox - The Princess of Pop

    At Yoko ! The Cult hero of the Princess sections. God love her. Would love to see Smantha and Naomi Campbell in a telephone throwing contest !
  7. Well, Peter Foster may be whatever, but he was the one who came to help her during the tax evation process, with lots of documentation, primarly because Sam's father had made all the evading engineering with Peter's help. To be honest, this woman has a very, very, very dark side, because it is not normal that every single business adventure sh had ended up with people being scammed! Oh, I forgot to mention that Mike Tyson invited her to boxing and she accepted an he seemed to be in awe of her but her then girlfriend was no other than Naomi Campbell and she was giving Sam the bad eye all the evening. She was lucky she didn¡'t end up with a telephone hitting her head. Oh, and because no thread should be Yoko ONo-less, here is Yoko ONo singing a song called Touch Me, which is not a SAm cover, but is sung so beautifully. What an emotional song, what do you think of it???
  8. Samantha Fox - The Princess of Pop

    @karbatal Samantha's father sounds like an absolute bastard of a man. She is a survivor. Love hearing all the stories from her autobiography. Her chapter on Scandinavia hopefully talks about her concerts in Norway ! Here she is with that Australian con artist Peter Foster. Love her 80's look !
  9. like they would even dare to criticise if beyonce was kissing some shy guy on tv THIS is exactly what's wrong with the western media. no one is allowed to do anything unless it's following the norms/rules of entitled spoiled brats who made them up in their bedrooms on tumblr instead of doing homework. these days it's more acceptable to identity as a chicken and legally marry a cow than to be silly on tv or make a joke. I agree more with some central-minded people than today's extremists (who are ironically conservative) from the left
  10. More things about Sam according to the biography: 1. She caught a bug in her 1991 tour and shitted herself so much that in the first Disneyland LA concert she had to put a bucket backstage to shit between songs. And shitted in the mdidle of Do Ya Do Ya Wanna Please Me, so she asked the guitarist for a solo and went to shit. 2. Her tour maanger got so stoned in Colombia that they mistook a date in Bolivia, so when they got there the promoter was so angry that some army man errupted in her hotel room and tried to kidnap her so they could get their money back. Finally the US embassy had to intervene and kinda save her. 3. She discovered through the boy working in the corner shop where she bought cigarrettes in London that she was very big in India! (Her father was her manager and he was such a drunkard that she discovered these things by chance) so she went and performed in several very big arenas in India. In every arena the men shouted one thing at the same time and lifted their tunics and flash their penises. All the men. She was so shocked she forgot the words of the song the first time. 4. IN the very same Indian tour they caught a bug in Delhi and there had to be more buckets backstage to shit, but this time the guitarist never made it and he shited himself on stage. She decided not to get near him during the solos. 5. Her father became such a cockhead and drunkard that once he flipped totally and hit her so hard she thought she would die. Afterwards UK¡'s Tax Department knew that there were up to 30 different accounts in fiscal paradies, accounts that Sam never knew about (it seems that she never knew about anything, from narco dealers to scammers, etc, etc) and the tax people thought that the fight was staged so father and daughter could blame each other. Finally, Sam could prove her father was to blame, but she was left absolutely bankrupt. 6. She lost her record deal in the USA after the phenomenal success of her singles Naughty Girls and I Wanna Have Some Fun because they wanted her to do music similar to Paula ABdul and she told Jive's main person in the USA that she was not interested and she would not record that music because she wanted guitars and music similar to Roxette. That¡'s why the album Just ONe Night took so long to record and why there was zero support in USA and everywhere ans she flopped so bad. 7. She lost her record deal in the UK tour because her drunk father made her sign (and she didnt' read) a new contract for several albums: she had to sell at least one million with an album to record dhe next one. That meant being dropped afther Just One Night's flop. More to come! @Jazzy Jan, there's a whole chapter called Scandinavia.
  11. Katy is having real connection with her fan, not begging for people #BUYARTFLOPONITUNES etc teas or remembering their existence when in need.
  12. Remember when Madonna got yanked off a stage, down some stairs and got up and proudly continued her song in a quarter of the time and without four sycophants rushing over to coddle her?
  13. Yesterday
  14. Gotta give it up to canadian qween, she does work a lot. and old school professional.
  15. I worry about her...she's worked so much the last two years, probably to stay busy and not feel lonely, but it might be catching up with her... She seems like such a genuinely nice person, I hope she's ok...
  16. Azealia Banks

    Exactly. I think she is talented. Too bad she's crazy.....
  17. Especially his maid(?)/helper who had to douche his ass
  18. who does she think she is? shes not a star anymore. its a flop.
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