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  2. BBC's Simon McCoy slams colleague Gary Lineker for 'abusing his position' The Match of the Day host defended himself https://www.entertainmentdaily.co.uk/royals/bbcs-simon-mccoy-slams-colleague-gary-lineker-for-abusing-his-position/?format=amp Newsreader Simon McCoy has said that BBC colleague Gary Lineker is 'abusing his position' after he called Boris Johnson a liar in a tweet. Match Of The Day host Lineker condemned the Prime Minister, asking him to 'stop lying' after Johnson stood by his adviser, Dominic Cummings. The government aide is accused of breaking his own lockdown rules while the rest of the country sacrificed their own rights to see family and friends, after he drove 260 miles from to his parents' home in Durham. After last night's coronavirus briefing, sport journalist Lineker called PM Boris Johnson out on Twitter. During the daily press conference, which was led by Johnson, Lineker wrote: "Please. Stop. Lying." Fellow BBC employee, McCoy called him out for breaking impartiality rules, replying: "Please. Stop. If you speak for yourself - write a letter. If you're speaking for BT Sport - up to you. "But if you are speaking with your BBC hat on - you are abusing a position which puts BBC journalists in an impossible position." But Lineker refused to backtrack, instead deciding to double down on his comments, responding to tell McCoy that he'd done nothing wrong. He's not the only TV presenter to lash out at the government following the government's backing of top aide Cummings, after he apparently broke his own lockdown restrictions.
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  4. Yeah I deliberately left out the decimation of Iraq as that's always used to demonstrate how foul he is, but a lot of people forget about his domestic record.
  5. Today's (Scottish edition) of The Sun. NOT the London edition of course, which has a completely different pro Cummings spin, yet from the same publisher. I do sometimes wonder if those across the border even understand how much they get gaslit by the media. Tomorrow's editions again...
  6. This I've never liked him It felt odd that someone from the Left would hold onto Thatcher's dreadful privatisation and deindustrialization policies to begin with. And let's not even go into the 2003 Iraq issue or his conversion to Roman Catholicism (power of the highest order)
  7. Same thing for me My teens and early twenties coincided with the turn of the century. I remember being 13 mid 90s and all you could hear was the phrase @Kim mentioned, Cool Britannia Oasis, Blur, the Spice Girls, the Blair years, Madonna shortly after moving there I know it sounds shallow but as I've said I was 13 and back then pre social media and digital age television was still very powerful and instrumental in shaping people's perceptions, particularly kids perceptions Suddenly the UK that up until that point seemed to many continental Europeans stiff and cold appeared instead colourful and full of possibilities
  8. This is bonkers! Am I in a parallel universe!?
  9. It really was a load of gaslighting bollocks from him. Particularly the part about driving 30 miles to a local beauty spot to "test his eyesight". How fucking dumb does he think we are? No contrition, no regrets. Yes, it is a Wizard of Oz moment with the grand mastermind revealed to actually be a snivelling little inarticulate runt. He broke the rules, he's become the story and is a major distraction in the middle of a crisis and needs to GO.
  10. I hear you They have been trying to do that to Italy as well (and are still trying), having the country renowned for his many and varied culinary traditions, wholesome Mediterranean diet and certified products get flooded with cheap genetically modified crap from Monsanto and the likes. Namely with that ghastly, highly controversial TTIP deal the US government was trying to impose on the EU a few years back Of course Italian farmers, entrepreneurs and some noble politicians were having NONE of that
  11. Says it all Watching him now giving a press interview in the rose garden adjacent to the Downing Street building Stuttering all the way through his lies and contradictions, trying to reassure the many journalists present in total grilling mode Judging by his clutching at straws and really poor answers that have already been made into memes, this will make the current government sink even lower with public opinion's perception I've read that under regulatory laws aides are not supposed to face the press directly or give out any type of statements ... Well out the window with that too. I don't know much about his background but he seems a truly powerful figure behind the curtains of British politics, a truly powerful figure period in fact The most ironic if not downright absurd thing for somebody who's masterminded the whole Brexit campaign since 2016 and secured Johnson's success in last December elections is that his father is a former oil company executive who bought some land and set up a winery or farming activity thanks to EU grants Everything doesn't make sense about this Cummings guy for sure and in the most sinister possible way
  12. BAhhaaahahahaahahaahahahahaahahhahahaahaahhahahhahaahahahahahahahahahaaaaahahahahahahahahahahhahahahahaaaahaahaaahahaahhaaahahahahahahaahahhhahhahaaha join the club.
  13. 1987? Well the late 80s were the time of a mini boom in the economy in between the deep recession of '81 and the recession of 91/92, so there was a moment of relief for most people which gave some optimism, although it sounds like your teacher was passing on her own personal values rather than that of the country as far as the environment etc goes. I love Scotland, though it has its problems like everywhere else, but by God, if we ever collectively start voting for right-wing populists, then I'll be the first one on the plane somewhere else.
  14. I think my admiration for the UK was more a mirage. I had zero information but a very good English teacher. And she had just came back to Spain in 1987 full of ideas about environment, recycling and crazy fashion. In my little city in a forsaken province in Spain, the UK seemed Emerald City. I guess most admiration from other lands come from knowing too little and idealising too much. I still have a soft spot for the UK. And when it comes to Scotland, you know how much I enjoy Eddi Reader and how beautifully she paints your country in her songs
  15. Well prime minister Cummings has announced he'll be addressing the nation and taking questions later on today, so we'll see what he has to say. Rumours are he's lined up a dead uncle and autistic son to take the blame. Even the Daily Heil are gunning for him this morning, so No.10 will be in major panic mode. Well the seeds of the deal with Trump were sown last week when the tories voted against an amendment that would have guaranteed high standards of food/drink entering the country post Brexit (shafting British farmers in the process) That, combined with the US insistence that food origin labeling be removed, will leave us not knowing what the fuck we're consuming. Made hardly a ripple on the news of course.
  16. Well as someone who's lived through 7 prime ministers so far, i'll hazard a guess that you formed that opinion during the reign of 'New Labour'? ....and all the associated fake nonsense of 'cool britannia' etc as the country pretended to shake off the stink of Thatcher, but it's no surprise that she herself said she considered Tony Blair her "greatest achievement"... Blair had a huge majority - the opportunity to make major changes to the country and the institutions that run it, instead he split Labour in two as he dragged it to the right, killed the party completely in Scotland, paved the way for slippery Cameron and his eurosceptic acolytes and now this current freakshow of unaccountable clowns... ...and seeing as Bozo's polling numbers were at an all time high last time I looked, I guess England is quite happy with its choice, so...
  17. People outside Dominic Cummings' London residence shouting "hypocrite". Yet he still won't resign
  18. Sturgeon's BBC Interview this morning I say this with a very heavy heart - I really do fear that Boris Johnson has decided to put political interest ahead of the public interest The consequences of that are potentially very serious. Trust in public health messaging is very important, and arguably as we go into the phases where we start to lift lockdown that becomes even more important because we rely less on the letter of the law and much more on guidance and appealing to people’s good judgement Word
  19. Have you got a case of the @Jitterbug ?
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