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  2. Biden needs this war to see his popularity goes up.
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  4. Well, Covid isn't the ratings bonanza that it was just 6mos ago. All that is beginning to die down. So I wouldn't be surprised if if the powers that be throw a good ol fashioned war out there to rally the faithful, snag some clicks and ratings, and make a quick buck for all involved. I mean, Iraq was nearly 20 year ago. So the memory of what America does when it invades countries is escaping the collective consciousness of a good chunk of the population.
  5. Don’t be. Nobody is gaining money from these things. The real money is in central Africa now. Nobody is going to go beserk for Ukraine. Half Europe gets the gas from Russia. I am sure most eu countries are humoring USA because of NATO.
  6. All of this is scary and frightening, tbqh
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  8. Good grief No wonder Angelina has nothing to do with him. What a deluded idiot
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  10. Putin would never aid/ play with EU. EU has the soft power/appeal to lure in countries that he consider his like Georgia or Ukraine. He does everything to see the union fall, because it would benefit him immensely.
  11. If Putin hadn’t been such a stupid dictator he would have made the EU the ally and the USA would be alone in the world and we all would be quetly enjoying our lives while USA eats itself from within.
  12. This is a smoke curtain and maybe in Russia there is need of one but western countries are too busy with inflation, energy costs and pandemics. Look at Germany already backtracking about Crimea because the gas comes from Russia. This is some Biden/Putin mess and of course AS ALWAYS the innocent country will suffer and the EU will face the consequences, as it happened with Syria. At least with Trump we confirmed most USA politics come from psychopaths. We already knew that Russian politics were psycho.
  13. Maybe China needs to be scared? I dont wanna live in a world where China is the leading country to be honest. The West takes alot for granted, including human rights and freedoms, which are severely disrespected in China. Or Russia for that matter. I can not agree that Biden has done nearly as much (or even anything) to disrupt European security as Putin. Actually its only Putin, who again tries to make the Russians look the other way so that he continues ruling unopposed for decades. Because Crimea grab made him popular with the Russians, why not do it again with another Ukraine land? In this way he would expose the weakness of Europe and USA and show that the countries he considers "his" should do what he tells them. This has no analog in the West, even in the East.
  14. Surely Biden building some playground with real size boats together with UK and Australia to scare China in the Indic is equally absurd. Frankly, I don’t have time for any of them. Bored insecure cis men trying to create havoc to avoid attention or fill some billionaires pockets AGAIN. Of course is the regular people who will suffer. Russian, Ukrainian, Chinese…
  15. Which are "they"? I only see one wanna be "macho", who is 1.50 sm also.
  16. The world is so tired with the pandemic that we don’t have time for this heterosexual male macho competition. They are all embarrassing themselves.
  17. NATO on Friday rejected Russia’s demand to withdraw its troops from Bulgaria and Romania. “NATO will not renounce our ability to protect and defend each other, including with the presence of troops in the eastern part of the Alliance,” NATO spokesperson Oana Lungescu said in a statement in reaction to the Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov’s remarks. In a statement issued on Friday, Lavrov explained that Russian proposals on European security arrangement are “about withdrawing foreign troops, equipment and weapons, as well as about other steps aimed at restoring the 1997 configuration of those countries who weren't NATO members at that time and that includes both Bulgaria and Romania.”
 Lungescu said the military bloc cannot accept Russia’s demands because they are based on the “idea of spheres of influence in Europe” and “would create first and second class NATO members.” She added that NATO will respond to any deterioration of the security environment and will continue to “assess the need to reinforce the eastern part of our Alliance.” US State Secretary Blinken and his Russian counterpart met on Friday in Geneva, Switzerland to continue talks on the two draft treaties that Moscow handed last month to the US and NATO after last week’s negotiations that ended without progress. At the meeting of the NATO-Russia Council on Jan. 12, the military alliance already rejected Russia’s demand to halt the NATO enlargement process and to withdraw forces from NATO’s eastern flanks and called on Moscow to end threatening rhetoric and the military buildup in and around Ukraine. https://www.yenisafak.com/en/world/nato-rejects-russian-demand-to-withdraw-from-bulgaria-romania-3588166 not only is Putin preparing a full on war on Ukraine for wanting to side with the West, he wants NATO to return to where it was in 1997, which means NATO must leave all of Eastern Europe, including states which are both NATO and European Union members. I m amazed no one is talking about this disaster here.
  18. Or maybe McConnell just has no soul like the rest of the QOP? Really it's that simple.
  19. It's great to see how in this specific page of this thread, the story starts with this douche asking Kanye for an album for $10MM, then he was found guilty on several charges, then he was sentenced to 7 years in prison, and now this
  20. Biden ends first year as president with 'bleak, discouraging' marks from the public In a new NBC News poll, Americans give Biden low marks on overall job approval, the pandemic and the economy as he reaches the one-year mark. https://www.nbcnews.com/politics/meet-the-press/biden-ends-first-year-president-bleak-discouraging-marks-public-n1287751
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