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  5. I LOVE Love Spent!!!

    1. Love Spent

      Love Spent

      Your support is very much appreciate and goes straight to my heart  . :iloveyou:

    2. Pud Whacker
  6. Earlier
  7. Well, everyone looks suspicious to me. But that's because I'm a little racist.


  8. 🌺🙏🏻👼🏻

  9. xo

    1. Love Spent

      Love Spent

      Love Spent > Pud Whacker

      Right back at you! :smooch:

  10. Dorothy: Ma you promised you'd stay in your room 'til the meeting was over.
    Sophia: Who 
    am I, ALF?

  11. ALF: All right. Let me see if I've got this reindeer thing straight. There's... uh... there's Dasher, Dancer, Comet, Cupid... Matthew, Mark, Luke and John.
    Lynn: No, it's Prancer, Dancer, Vixen, Blitzen...
    ALF: Huey, Duey and Luey.
    Brian: No, those are ducks.
    ALF: Then how do they pull the sleigh?

  12. chocolate covered onion rings all of nature wild and free

  13. political the island breeze

    1. spotlight


      Tropical? 🌴 

    2. PetrusPan


      atmosphere of the present day :p

  14. Hey Petrus ;)

    thanks for following me! I follow you back haha! :brenspin:

    1. PetrusPan


      My feet might be falling out of rhythm. Don't know what I'm doing with them but I know I'm following you...

    2. Genevieve Vavance
  15. trying to study Greek again... 100000 years after the university...

    now i checked my handwriting and i do have problem with  ςθξ
    ... :/ ...


  16. I think I used to love Facebook back then when it was not a mobile app...
    "friends" used to check your albums; comment.... make conversations... 

    since it became a mobile app, people just keep posting photos on the mobile uploads album only... 

    ...hell yeah and i am bored, i cannot take attention :/ 

  17. Vacation time!!! To those of you celebrating, Merry Christmas!🎁 

  18. μετάνοια

    1. spotlight


      What are u repenting for?

    2. PetrusPan


      just a word i love :)


    You can either download directly from the web or install the Yandex software (something like Mega) and sync it with your local folder. 

    1. Pedro


      Thank you 😊:inlove: Gracias! 

  20. Disseram que voltei Americanizada

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