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  2. Nothing will ever change in America sadly. Just watching the news tonight and seeing politicians from Texas all saying they won't consider watering down gun laws. They have no intention of ever taking away the rights of " law abiding innocent gun owners " as they call it. They would much rather live with innocent children getting murdered on mass at their schools, then deny someone their right to own a high powered gun that can kill many so quickly. I don't know how they can live with themselves or how they have so many supporters. The NRA love guns more than people. Sick of hearing that chestnut again that "Guns don't kill, people do" that the NRA trot out all the time. Do they ever really stop to think that in every other country in the world, there are none of these consistent gun massacres. Only in the USA. Only in the one country where it is so easy to buy high powered guns. It is so obvious to everyone else in every other country in the world. Counties that did have a massive gun massacre, quickly changed the laws. America has so many including in schools, churches, cinemas, supermarkets and workplaces yet nothing ever changes. Feel so sorry for the American people that despair and do want change.
  3. How does this corrupt stupid clown get away with everything ? It is an embarrassment to have him as a leader. He is like a comedy character in a satire tv show.
  4. I know I usually would rather watch paint dry then turn on Sky after dark but did briefly the other night. It was delicious seeing those crazy right wing Murdoch puppets so angry and shocked. Same with the Herald Scum in Melbourne. They will never learn. Their childish insults about latte drinking lefties in Melbourne and bored wives ( when the female candidates were professional women and Doctors themselves ) were hilarious. These so called lefties who swung the seats from the right wingers were in safe Liberal seats and were former Liberal voters. They told the government time and time again they wanted action on climate change, women's rights and were horrified at how right wing and sexist they had become. Instead the government kept pushing further to the right and Morrison giving a "captain's pick" to a rampant anti trans campaigner. Making Dutton leader will just make matters worse. He is more right wing than even Morrison. Hope they stay in opposition for years. We just know Murdoch will be plotting away in how to change people's minds but thank goodness Australians everywhere are completely awake to how he operates.
  5. Cunto is getting away with this AGAIN isn't he? But that's what happens in a country of serfs obsessed with royalty and Love Island rather than things that matter. This dead thread - unlike say the passion of our Aussie and Euro members - saying it all really.
  6. Thoughts and Prayers ad infinitum. The US is so dysfunctional politically when even the party 'in power' can do fuck all to change anything. No amount of whining on Twitter will fix anything. People power!
  7. I've been saying this for years. There have been dozens of school shootings this year alone and most have been blips on the radar. It's like there's a threshold when it comes to casualties for the media and Americans these days. Anything under 10 gets a day or so of coverage. Anything over 10 about a week. 20 or more, maybe a month at most. This will get around 2 months since children were involved. Reporters will cry on air and at the scene. Politicians will give speeches, spend prayers, and put forth some kind of gun control bill that will ultimately fail for the 156th time. Rinse, wash, repeat. It's so disgusting. There is a large portion of this country that will accept these shootings rather give an inch to firearm restrictions. All about FREEDOM. Absolute lunacy.
  8. He is spot on. Admire him for using this platform to comment on how senators refuse to budge while so many innocent people are killed.
  9. It’s absolutely horrifying. The killing in buffalo left me so incredibly sad, when I saw the pic of one elderly lady who owned one shop. It feels so incredibly wrong. Then since then more and more carnage and now this. It’s simply unbearable.
  10. This country is under hostage from 50 senators who refuse to ever do anything whatsoever about this.
  11. Congress could ratify Roe vs Wade by passing a federal law that forbids the ban on abortions. For that they need 60 senators or changing the filibuster. Good luck with both. The other possibility is to stack the court with more liberal justices. Nowhere does it say in the constitution that there shall be 9 justices. It used to be less but for 200 years now there have been 9. And even here you have Democrats who won’t vote for this. This is so fucked up. The Dems have really been complacent - the same with the Jan 6th insurrection. The other side is so much better at sticking to the talking points and just get it done. The Dems’ asses will be kicked so hart in November and in 2024, which sounds fun, was it not for the risk of loosing the democracy by allowing such loons as MTG or Dumpster to take over (again).
  12. People who hurt children are my enemies! I felt so sorry for these young children
  13. And to think the country changed with Columbine and everyone remembers it as a defining event of the 90s. Will we even talk about this in two weeks' time? Or are we desensitised to these mass shootings now?
  14. So sad and tragic. USA, wake up! It doesn’t happen anywhere else, when are you going to wake up ? 🥹
  15. Murdering 14 young children?!?! That makes me VERY angry! Hope he burns in hell!
  16. That’s not him. Transphobes and bots are posting random pics of trans Hispanics online claiming that’s him. There’s no proof he was even trans.
  17. Oh I wasn't saying he has executive ordered anything at this point. I'm just saying that would be a way to get some things done but with a presumably Republican victory in mid-terms and possibly the '24 presidency and of course the clearly majority conservative Supreme Court we have now, then whatever Biden did via executive action could prob be overturned/reversed somehow. I'm honestly not super familiar with how that whole process works.
  18. Last week
  19. Thoughts and Prayers. No seriously, what a despicable thing to do: elementary school children. I’m lost for words.
  20. https://www.instagram.com/p/Cd7RQ2-LhqR/ Jessica paying tribute to M's LTT performance
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