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  2. thirsty for money. she'll do any 2nd rate event
  3. She never knows how to do or be anything without following a template.
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  5. And it's very Pettibonish
  6. Yes gaga, minaj and Ariana are a joke but it shows that Taylor's in trouble. I think the younger generation will gradually discover M's music their own way. I've done it with other artists thanks to the internet.
  7. PI is another awful regressive video! Reminds of so many other videos from previous decades. It's like her hired team can never come up with any original ideas.
  8. Agree. I love me some Michelle Obama but going high is not working. Over Dems fighting back like pansies while Republicans fight as shameless and ruthless as they want. That's why the outrage toward Kathy from Dems was so pathetic in my eyes. She should have taken a dump on the foam head also if you ask me.
  9. If we're going to call a spade a spade, the European version is just a remix. The original version is the one on the North American pressings and was produced by LA Reid and Babyface, also producers of half the album.
  10. The song still bombed though.
  11. I didn't know there was an American one till now too. Mad.
  12. Shes glassy eyed. Signs of alcohol and medicinal abuse.
  13. No wrinkles.....either a good surgeon or genes. MC looks at least 15 years younger than her actual age.
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  15. Where is Madonna ? Seems that whoever made this thinks someone having a huge vocal range or being a belter is talent. Typical thinking of the talent show generation. Not that I think Taylor is a great talent but hate that kind of modern thinking.
  16. That's amazing. And regardless of what you may think of the other women in that picture, they do have far more talent than Taylor Swift. Far more. I'm gleefully waiting for 2 things in 2017: Taylor Swift's inevitable downfall Donald Trump's impeachment Taylor's situation appears to be far more likely.
  17. She looks like a very bad drag version of herself right now.
  18. She's now at the Azerbaijan Grand Prix
  19. I believe they make next to nothing from streaming. That's why a number of artists have been sort of protesting against the streaming setup. It "pays pennies" compared to what the real value of the music is worth (and what is needed to pay all those involved in the making of it), supposedly.
  20. Love it. The look is VERY Erotica from Confessions.
  21. Right. Exactly. They're such a mess right now. They don't take an iota of responsibility for their losses. It's Russia. It's Hillary. It's Pelosi. It's Deplorables. No, it's you fuckers. It's your constant focus on identity politics, on race, on issues that marginalize the large swath of America that WANT to vote for Dems, but they can't look past the fact that there's a national party who BACKS a movement that blocks an expressway, with innocent people, to get a message across. Bullshit. Democrats have literally given up on Unions, on the working class, on anyone and everyone who trudges through to make a living. And it shows in their electoral disaster.
  22. He just deflects all the time like a spoilt child who is caught out. It is either "fake news" or he brings up Clinton or Obama. So pathetic, childish and shows his guilt as people who deflect continually are liars.
  23. What a demagogue! I honestly CAN'T!!!
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