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  3. Such a nice gesture my friend. All in your honor.
  4. Thank you Acko That is so caring and generous. Thank you .
  5. Have donated, unfortunately not huge amounts, a few weeks ago to a few charities for Australia relief and the poor Australia animals as well - devastating the effect this inferno has had on Australia indigenous animals population. With the money I very much hope to recoup today off the Sunday 19 January last minute cancellation MadameX tour date I wish I had seen, I will donate that ticket money to the Australia relief charities I have donated before, including for the animals. Although not huge donations in the thousands or millions, I hope these will help a bit anyway. xx
  6. Thank you! That means a lot ❤❤❤ We've had good rain in Sydney. Not enough of course, but it has been wonderful. The garden is already bouncing back. Things seem normal in the city, but I know many fires are still burning far away. And yes, big rain and hail storms yesterday have caused wide spread damage. Australian summers are volatile to say the least.
  7. Mmm...K so WHY won't his f'king *approval #s plunge back into the 30s like his entire FIRST year when he actually wasn't as 24/7 off the rails bonkers, slurring, out in the OPEN lawless /anti democracy, had SOME semi competent people, and an equally rocking economy?!? I seriously believe there's more than enough stupid sheeple who are just desensitized and USED to it so just 'turn the other way', accept/agree w/ it enough etc...But it's all about in the *right places. Their internals must be showing they don't give a shit (or even know or care to know what an autocracy is). Whatever it is he (and ALL of it) is just getting worse yet the #s do.not.budge. I know he hasn't reached 50% but does.NOT need them (in those same right counties/states) & knows that. Only thing is guaranteed- every.ONE of the Cult 45 are coming out in Nov. every bit mob like/ fired up as 2016...maybe even more so! Dems are a fluid disaster now. Like '16, watch those white soccer suburban moms (who are the 1st to say the hate him) but whose husbands LOVE his faux alpha macho bull$hit and intimidate them (primarily middle/upper class) white women in their Brady Bunch-esque gated communities and lifestyles saying that they'd lose it ALL to 'undesirables', market would tank etc etc...if a 'Socialist' gets in!
  8. Last week
  9. Yep, we've gone from a land of fires to flooding rains in a matter of weeks. No one is complaining about the rain though...
  10. The QE gimmick is the greatest scam ever, in the US and Europe alike. Printing money like there's no tomorrow. De facto just creating more debt and dependency. Then the powers that be decide to pull the plug and it's 2008 all over again, only ten times worse
  11. The Federal Reserve may be using quantitative easing to pump up the economy too. https://www.forbes.com/sites/greatspeculations/2019/12/11/is-the-fed-gearing-up-for-a-new-round-of-quantitative-easing/Is the Fed Gearing Up for a New Round of Quantitative Easing? - Forbes
  12. I've been thinking of something usefull to say for weeks now.. And I'm just at a loss for words. @Jazzy Jan @San and other Australian members... it's just so sad.. Big hug.
  13. Can't get over all this - so many people and animals displaced.
  14. Totally And by the way I'd like to add that Israel, Gulf Countries (Saudi Arabia, UAE, Oman etc, who are factually and mainstream recognisedly linked to 9/11 by the way) and the Sunnite element of Islam are the worst. But all US governments and its intelligence agencies, plus the UK and other European countries with the addition of the Vatican and the Jesuits in particular are accomplices to this great hypocrisy. See Yemen, among most recent citable examples And as for Syria? A millennial and culturally rich civilization where Christian minorities have always been respected. That's the Shiite part of Islam. But no way the enemy is those fucking ugly inside and out Saudi Royals who stone people to death and throw them off buildings, to whom all the West bows down to, including the British Royal family, in fact, starting with them Our own western governments have been acting recklessly, hipocritically and with total unaccountability and impunity over many of these issues for decades, with the excuse of "protecting the people" (from an enemy of their own creation and their own fruition). Many people lap all the bs up. But yes "we are exporting democracy", dream on
  15. Scary pictures Surreal Dreadful situation
  16. Good news about some animals being saved️ I didn’t even know about wombats until a few years ago. They look adorable.
  17. "But wow, what a moment, I will never forget." :fag:

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      The way she enunciates those Ts. :fag: Oh Nippy.

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