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  2. Why are you on my case every fucking time? If you aggressively dislike everything I post, you're free to ignore it. There's a button for that. Use it.
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  5. And ? Do you know how many people post stupid shit on twitter ? Are you gonna to quote them here, everytime? Talk about being desperate to stir shit, aren't you ? Just curious : were you with your friends in Dallas, today, waiting for JFK to reappear ?
  6. I don't give him long. Several reports in the press of the Tories concerned about him and the mail is very critical of him too now. Gove has gone quiet so wouldn't surprise me if there's a leadership challenge shortly. And yes, we all know he's a laughing stock as we think the same!
  7. This is all over our tv this morning. Does the UK realize that Boris is a laughing stock around the world ? This is not a speech that any leader would make. The world has really sunk to a new low when this idiot is a popular leader.
  8. This feels like a bad rejected sketch from Little Britain or The Tracey Ullman Show
  9. Illinois Dem blasted for calling Wisconsin Christmas rampage ‘karma’ https://nypost.com/2021/11/22/illinois-dem-calls-wisconsin-christmas-rampage-karma/
  10. These news make you understand why people have guns there. How can you demonstrate without guns if some white half witted inbred cunt can cross states and shoot you?
  11. Hideous decision. Every chubby loser now emboldened to take up a weapon and become a bone fide insurgent. Fun times ahead.
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  13. I would call this a Cold Civil War. It really just needs a small push and you’ve got yourself a nasty scenario. In unrelated news, Trump will most likely run for office again in 2024 …
  14. I sometimes wonder if a civil war will start again. Seems so divided and the far right are gaining more and more power worldwide.
  15. I tried to read tweets about this to know what public opinion was in USA and the level of spite was appalling. People intentionally provoking by applauding this person and bringing down the black community. If it weren't for the propaganda fed through the decades the USA would end in a civil war.
  16. Absolute disgrace this murderer walks free. Just as disgusting, is the fact that so many support and applaud him.
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