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  2. The Lady Paul Pfeiffer thread

    Seriously. And this is "Janet bringing her awards on tour with her" level narcissism. Bitch, the documentary wasn't made about you—you made it about what you wanted people to see, cunt
  3. The Lady Paul Pfeiffer thread

    Ay no mames!!! Or what’s about the same WTF!!! Force feeding herself to her mosterbots How clockwork Orange
  4. Kelly Minging

    Don't let the kylie obsession blind you! If that was a gaga image it would be "omg look at that bird's nest hair, midget drag queen ripping off Dolly Parton, Photoshop city!!!" whaa whaa. And as for trying to get press for her album by going the 'Rebel Heart Leak' route and copying Madonna for the 234,978 time? Even YOU must see it's all a ruse for publicity.
  5. Kelly Minging

    Kylie loves to share her threads with others so is happy to briefly share with Australia's real national treasure Olivia Newton John. Since Kylie is going for a "country" sort of sound/beat whatever, who better to share it with than Olivia. Olivia is the original Australian girl to do country music. She first conquered America as a country singer before then becoming a pop superstar and starring in Grease. She has joked on stage that American country fans really thought she was from Nashville when she had a hit with " Please Mr please " even though she had an Australian accent Forget the daggy performance, Olivia has the pure voice of an angel. Now, we can go back to Kilo !
  6. The Lady Paul Pfeiffer thread

    LOL what a way to get everyone fired up for her show!
  7. The party album that Confessions claimed to be. Hard Candy is one of her best.
  8. BIM as a closing number would’ve been explosive. A missed opportunity.
  9. Kelly Minging

    "Raining Glitter", "Stay Golden"?? Typical Kylie.
  10. Today
  11. Kelly Minging

    nail on a chalkboard
  12. Kelly Minging

    her voice is atrocious, sorry
  13. Frankly, if they announced a Madonna album at least for this year I would be so happy... Why don't they want to make us happy? Don't they love us anymore?
  14. The release should be THIS VERY MINUTE, with the first single right now being uploaded into Spotify and Itunes and the video being uploaded to Youtube, and the tour being announced this very minute with tickets available now.
  15. Kelly Minging

    Wow, there's more and more people talking about the album leakage! Horrible Kylie Minogue's new album, Golden, has sprung a leak. The pop star couldn't keep her new single under wraps. Last week, news surfaced that Kylie's forthcoming album would be named Golden, and that its lead single, "Dancing" would debut some time in January. The singer quickly confirmed the rumors that she was indeed releasing a new record in the spring, but remained tight lipped about everything else. Unfortunately, music pirates have targeted her new tunes – similarly to Madonna's Rebel Heart fiasco. Not only has "Dancing" hit the Internet, but word on the street is that the rest of the album will soon follow suit. I can't point you in the direction of "Dancing," but I may or may not have had a listen. It's an airy mid-tempo about wanting to go out and, well... dance. "No one wants to stay at home / nobody wants to be alone / when you come knocking I'll be at your door," Kylie sings over a sugary guitar melody. Her vocals soar in the chorus. "When I go out I wanna go out dancing," she croons. The production is warbly and electric. This is the rumored tracklist floating around: Why do our fav pop girls always get the short end of the stick? *IF* Golden is about to leak in full, Kylie should act quick and officially release "Dancing" ASAP - preferably before Friday - and consider moving up the album release date. In 2018, leaks will obliterate an album rollout. Ugh, this is just unfair. UPDATE: "Dancing" will officially be out on Friday. "#Lovers, the countdown begins...," Kylie wrote on social media. "#Dancing, the first single from my new album #Golden is released this Friday! When I go out, I wanna go out #DANCING!" In the clip, Kylie explains this is still "very much a Kylie record.” “I promised my fans that I would be putting my heart and soul into this record," she said, "and I stayed true to my word. I was able to do that, which was challenging and fun and rewarding. And it’s ended up with a ––– different direction for sure, but, essentially, I’d still say it’s very much a Kylie record.”
  16. We all know she "moved" to Portugal to write this album. The release is imminent, I can feel it.
  17. Sexiest song and video ever. Was so shocking at the time but in an exciting and artistic way. So many have copied this style since, both musically and visually and nobody has captured half of it's brilliance
  18. The Lady Paul Pfeiffer thread

    You were right.
  19. The Lady Paul Pfeiffer thread

    First night (the one with decent sales). 2nd night will be loads of fun. Maybe fibromyalgia will come back after the strenuous first night and will force her to rest until the next half sold date comes along?
  20. Kelly Minging

    Meh, not even you can't compare Kylie's to Gaga's images. Don't let hate blind you.
  21. Kelly Minging

    If only! I so want Kylie to do something with Rupaul. He's such a big fan of hers! And she's the most drag- queenesque diva right now!
  22. Jennifer Lopez thread 🌶

    I like J-Lo but she's had her fair share of flops. Her album sales are pretty tragic since the mid 00's. She maintained her place as an A-Lister due to her celebrity status. In fact, she's the original Rita Ora.
  23. Kelly Minging

    _find inspiration in my latest collection_
  24. Oh people can't handle the truth and won't admit it that HC maybe not the best but one of the best ERAS. keep thinking otherwise
  25. Spain...destroying themselves from the inside

    Why don't you say what is wrong and try to correct it? This is the second or third time I offer you taht possibility. If you say things like that, at least you could point out what is wrong, so there wouldn't be misinformation or propaganda.
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