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  2. But the UK politicians certainly had no qualms with the EU and did make sure to receive EU subsidies for four decades, pity that people like Thatcher destroyed the country's once flourishing industry in favour of a services, insurance and financial sector that ironically is absolutely worthless outside of the single market
  3. Yes, most of them are, I have always knew that... have lived in this country for 20 years, had my unfair share of nasty racist remarks.
  4. As each day passes, I am wondering if perhaps - unbeknown to me - I have been catapulted in an alternative reality where everything is diabolically distorted, starting from local and international politics. Seventeen years into this new millennium and I do not recognize the world I am living in.
  5. The irony of it all is that it was British politicians who bipartisanly wanted to extend entrance into the EU to Eastern European countries such as Romania and Bulgaria because they wanted to weaken the Franco-German engine of the Union, countries that do not have in the slightest economies the size of the four strongest EU member states per GDP, Germany, France, the UK and Italy When you factor in that Germany took in a million people and we are talking about 150k people threatening the UK or that the UK never adopted the common currency (a currency that basically destroyed the economies of countries like Spain, Italy and most of all Greece) nor it subscribed to Schengen it makes for a good dose of eyerolling
  6. Stupid bitch. Anyone in their right mind wouldn't be seen dead sporting her eyewear. Watch this go tits up too.
  7. Oh my GOD. Just imagine if this best picture mix up happened with gunt in the best actress announcement for A Star Is Born. She thinks that she wins, starts giving her rising above being a victim of this and that speech and then disaster, bitch we messed up, you didn't win. Her PTSD would be off the charts.
  8. Meanwhile like 2 million Romanians live in Spain and 200.000 Bulgarians And the world didn't break down! The only people who are creating havoc in Spain right now are the Spanish politicians, with their suits and ties and briefcases and their GREED! The only people who will destroy UK are the British politicians too!
  9. Half of Romania and Bulgaria... Stupid racist cunt neonazi. Finally your mask is off. It was allways about it, isn't it? It was always about the immigration. But of course they had to tell lies about how much money the EU costs and how little the UK gets. While in fact it was a problem about immigration. And now she tells lies about Romanian and Bulgarian people. How many Romanian people live in UK? 170.000 Romanias and 65.000 Bulgarians. In a country with more than 64 million of population! How much is that, like 0,3%??????????
  10. Who chooses those pics as main frame for videos? Some hater? Look at this!!!!
  11. They posted another MR video on Vevo. I can't
  12. What a great album was Enjoy Yourself!!!!
  13. You Brexiter CUNTS Theresa May to end EU citizens’ rights to live in UK days after fear ‘half of Romania and Bulgaria’ will come Government's plan could be a breach of its EU treaty obligations Theresa May reportedly plans to end rights given to EU nationals under freedom of movement rules when she triggers Article 50 next month, with a Government source claiming that otherwise “half of Romania and Bulgaria” might come to the UK before Brexit. The Daily Telegraph reported the Prime Minister was expected to announce that EU citizens arriving after a “cut-off date” of around 15 March would not be entitled to live in the UK permanently. However, under the plan, the 3.6 million EU citizens who are already in Britain and others who come before that date would have their rights protected — providing the same was true for UK citizens living in the EU. Iain Duncan Smith, a Eurosceptic Conservative MP, said: “Theresa understands that if you want to take control you have to command the high ground. “She will be giving clarity by setting a clear deadline while the European Union looks increasingly muddled and mean-spirited.” The European Union has apparently argued that the cut-off date should be the same date as the day the UK actually leaves the EU. It is unclear if the Government’s plan would be a breach of the EU treaties that guarantee freedom of movement. A Government source told the Telegraph: “We have had some suggestion that the European Commission might attempt to force us to protect everyone who arrives up to the moment of departure. “We could end up with half of Romania and Bulgaria coming here if we wait that long.” There are about 1.2 million British citizens living in other EU countries. It has been suggested that they could be offered EU citizenship individually. British employers have expressed concerns about the prospect of finding enough staff in the event of a ‘hard Brexit’, particularly if EU citizens were required to leave. The European Parliament has announced it is investigating the UK’s treatment of EU nationals living here amid reports that some have been met by a “bureaucratic wall” when they have tried to secure a legal right to remain in Britain.
  14. I have a feeling these newbies "commenting" might not be entirely new after all. Tired, sad and predictable
  15. That make-up guy and his red carpet ready bullshit had me all excited for M at the Oscars, or at the Vanity Fair after party at least. We haven't heard shit about anything. What was the point?
  16. The Vatican has named a former Fox News journalist and member of the controversial Opus Dei group as its chief spokesman, while a Spanish female reporter will serve as his deputy. The appointment of Greg Burke, 56, was announced following the resignation of Federico Lombardi, a Jesuit priest who has served as spokesman for Pope Francis and his predecessor, Benedict XVI. Burke spent more than a decade as Fox News’s Rome correspondent before being hired by the Vatican in 2012 as a communications adviser. In December, the American was installed as the press office’s deputy director. Although Burke does not wear a priest’s collar, the Vatican on Monday stressed the St Louis native is from a traditional Catholic family. As a student at Columbia University in New York he became a member of Opus Dei, a conservative Catholic organisation that has faced criticism for secrecy and its approach to recruitment. In another dramatic shift for the Holy See, Spaniard Paloma García Ovejero has been hired as the deputy director of the press office. In her role as spokeswoman to the world’s media, García Ovejero, 40, from Madrid, will soon become one of the most prominent women in the Vatican hierarchy. García Ovejero has since 2012 been Vatican correspondent for Spanish media and also boasts US experience, having studied at New York University. The appointment of two foreigners marks a significant shift in the Vatican administration, know as the Roman Curia, which has for centuries been dominated by Italians. Both are polyglots and speak the Argentinian pontiff’s native Spanish, while García Ovejero is said to also have knowledge of Chinese, a noteworthy skill as Francis has expressed a wish to visit China. Tributes poured in for Lombardi. The outgoing spokesman, 73, has been winding down his workload and in February stepped down as director general of Vatican Radio. Thomas Rosica, the press office’s English language assistant, said he had shared “deeply moving Church experiences” with Lombardi in recent years. “I have learned so much from your gentle, quiet ways, your sensus ecclesiae, your humour and your ability to multi-task with such serenity,” Rosica wrote on Facebook. Jesuit priest James Martin, the editor-at-large of America magazine, thanked Lombardi for his “tireless” ministry. He tweeted: “Kind, hardworking, prayerful: a model Jesuit,” Martin wrote on Twitter.
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