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  2. I was devastated. Purely because they took my favourite game shows off the air for the totalitarian news coverage.
  3. Omg, rosamund pike and madge in a movie... love them both
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  5. acko

    Stop peeing deep Inside people's holes. 

  6. There's only 1 first lady in this history of this country that has nude photos floating everywhere. Hint - it's not Jill
  7. Last week
  8. Sure. Call me a prude but I don't use it/never have. But more or less I think along the lines of as long as you're not doing harm to somebody somehow all's good. Plus legalizing certain drugs I think can take way some of the appeal to teenagers. Like look I'm just doing this to look cool kind of thing
  9. I'm sorry for your loss. Big Huggg.

  10. If course it should be legalized. I’m not a fan personally, but overall I don’t see the harm. It’s certainly not worse than alcohol and has a lot of medical benefits. But I’m strictly against legalizing coke, heroin and Amphetamins, which is a point people want to make along the lines of the never ending debate about drugs in general. I really think you need to protect people from these kinds of drugs.
  11. I've always found it hilarious that alcohol was "okay" (despite thousands being killed yearly thanks to drunk drivers) but weed has always been satanic or some shit at least that's how conservatives view it.
  12. What a JOKE that turned out to be, as if harsher sentences could deter folks from doing drugs! I can safely say that the war on drugs is over... and the drugs won
  13. Of course. In fact, I say legalize it all. End the "Drug War". THIS.
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