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  2. He probably won't. I can see some third party candidate siphoning enough votes away to let him squeak by again with 40-45% of the vote and win the states narrowly enough again to hit 270 in the electoral college. Plus can you honestly see anyone on that stage taking it straight to The Donald? Yeah, exactly. And as long as the Dems continue their absurd purity test in the primary and allow the likes of AOC and her insufferable Squad to lead their party with moronic ideas like the Green New Deal gun buybacks, eliminating the private healthcare system. and giving free everything for everyone, they'll lose. And lose BIGLY as Trump would say.
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  4. All of this was planned far in advance with Turks complicity. Such a shame.
  5. I was expecting to open this up and instantly see couple from Florida LOL If not FL the front runners are MS, AL, LA, NC, KY and the like (yet its almost *always FL)! lol
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  7. I’m ashamed of my own country. Once again. Traitors to US and our allies.
  8. What a disgusting betrayal of the Kurds. To see Pence making out that they are doing the Kurds a favour is unbelievable and disgraceful.
  9. Breaking News A new draft Brexit deal has just been agreed between the UK and EU ahead of a meeting of EU leaders. But Northern Ireland's Democratic Unionist Party is not happy with it
  10. The Ticketmaster crusade.

    How can we improve her ratings? If you’ve attended to one of the Madame X concerts please leave a 5 stars review 

  11. How the fuck do I open a new thread???

  12. I think she trolls and emasculates him so brilliantly. She REALLY gets under his skin and seems to be the only person that genuinely knows how to outmaneuver him. I’m aware she’s not a favorite of some on the far left but I think she’s the ONLY one we have right now that’s keeping him somewhat in check. I just can’t imagine another politician in the House who could lead the Dems as shrewdly as she does.
  13. Pelosi and the corporate democrats like her don’t want impeachment because they think they’ll lose their cushy jobs. They just act like they want it....but. And it’s total . If it was the other way around he’d have been out ages ago. Republicans are corporate bullies. Democrats are basically corporate cowards. That’s why Needs a multi-party system badly.
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  15. At first I thought this was a fake posted online as a parody but it’s real. He makes that buffoon George W. Bush look like an intelligent diplomat.
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