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  2. . Send some good wishes for our strawberries @StrawberryBounce12 Strawberries are are my favourite fruit.
  3. I dont have any of his songs except Beat Goes On with Madonna & i only watched his creepy cuntroversial music video of the nude wax mannequins on the bed.
  4. Yesterday
  5. The man was trying to steal a jewelry store and he tried to escape according to reports .The owner of the store with at least another man brutally kicked him when zack tried to exit the store. That what cameras showed. Three coroners who are trying to determine the cause of his death ( one is representing the family ) clearly stated that the beating is not the cause of his death He was not beaten cause he was gay Some now say that he got scared ,entered the store because there was a fight going on outside and got trapped inside the store
  6. LHakaLH

    Favorite tour medley?

    LOL only these ones are medleys the others are simply mash-ups or mixed up performances or performances that were tied to each other musically (i.e. Lucky Star - Hung Up - PDP - Hung Up).
  7. YES!!! This is the perfect way to describe. Every move she makes, she knows EXACTLY how she looks and how we perceive her. I always say no one can descend a staircase like she can (Express Yourself 89 VMA's, Hollywood 2003 VMA's, and Future Lovers CT are the highlights). She KNOWS how amazing she is when she does it. She turns her body into a moving, living piece of art. It's mesmerizing. I'll just reiterate what others have said, too. Very tiny, incredibly beautiful, extremely intimidating. It's like locking eyes with God. You almost want to look away. I was most struck by how she looks exactly like she does in pictures. Which is why I hate to see pics where she's been photoshopped like crazy because it's SO not needed. Anyway, she's just... like no one else.
  8. For me it was the Rebel Heart smile...she was grinning from ear to ear on the night I saw it and I was pretty close to the front. All of the last section was particularly audience friendly and she was radiating love and warmth the whole night.
  9. Must arrange soon at the MADONNA MAGIC TIME world tour
  10. When are we having LECTERSUEDE summit part 2?
  11. Wasn’t it THE BEST?! she was in great form and the first ever LECTERSUEDE summit
  12. One of my favourite Madonna shows and experiences of all time!! Loved it when she married Rochelle
  13. I was SOOOO CLOSE and soooo drunk that even after it was me that got her attention to speak to Rachelle by screaming and waving my arms I tried taking photos and kept turning my phone off ! this was all I got she was amazing
  14. Suedey

    Favorite tour medley?

    I like intermet melodies.
  15. runa

    Trump / US politics thread 🚽

    He really believes what he says, this is insane,
  16. S.E.X.

    Favorite tour medley?

    You mean the ones that were actually good? I was wondering about the same thing. In fact, she's done quite a few medleys... Gambler / Borderline (VT) Dress You Up / Like a Virgin / Material Girl (WTGT) Live to Tell / Oh Father (BAT) I'm Going Bananas / La Isla Bonita (GS) Mer Girl / Sky Fits Heaven / Mer Girl (Reprise) (DWT) Mother and Father / Intervention (RIT) Lucky Star / Hung Up (CT) Papa Don't Preach / Hung Up (MT) Like a Virgin / Love Spent (MT) I'm a Sinner / Cyber-raga (MT) Celebration / Give It 2 Me (MT) Holy Water / Vogue (RHT) HeartBreakCity / Love Don't Live Here Anymore (RHT) Dress You Up / Into The Groove / Everybody / Lucky Star (RHT) Music / Candy Shop (RHT)
  17. He's just been in the papers with his new boyfriend who's a plastic surgeon.
  18. I think Sorry from COADF Die Another Day, American Life, Hollywood and maybe even Love Profusion from AL Have a good chance at appearing on one of her future tours. With Mirwais being involved and her being in a somewhat political mindset, there could be a chance that we're going to get more songs from that era.
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